Is it channel surf time now that the season of Peak TV is upon us? More to the point, with dozens of brand spanking new shows to watch, where does one even start? Which of the new fall 2016 TV shows will we regret NOT watching

Never fear! By scouring the networks’ pilots and the cable stations’ lineups, we’ve taken the work out of your hands. So hurry up and tune in. Here’s our top 10 list of new TV shows to get into this fall.


1. The Good Place

When it Airs: September 19 on NBC

What would happen if an ordinary gal found herself in the afterlife but was mistakenly sent to “the good place”? Kristen Bell is about to learn that the people there can’t swear their way to nice and don’t get hungover! Wait, what is this strange, strange place?

Why We are Watching: Ever since Friends went off the air 12 (gasp!) years ago, we have been on the hunt for an original comedy to make us laugh. We think we’ve found it.

2. This Is Us

When it Airs: September 20 on NBC

Every time we watch this trailer (we may have it on a near permanent loop), we get goosebumps. If the trailer alone can make us feel that way, then you know the series will wreck us in all the right ways.

Why We Are Watching: We came for Milo Ventimiglia’s bare bottom and stayed for the amazing multigenerational stories.

3. Designated Survivor

When it Airs: September 21 on ABC

When the entire United States government is wiped out on the night of the State of the Union address, the only surviving official becomes President. Ready or not, his new job is to lead a broken country through political chaos and find out who is responsible for the attack.

Why We Are Watching: Part mystery, part political thriller, the mastermind may not be who we think it is.

4. Pitch

When it Airs: September 22 on Fox

A gifted athlete is vaulted into stardom when she becomes the first female to play for a major league baseball team. Some welcome her addition while others are just waiting to see her fail. Beeyotches are alive and well.

Why We Are Watching: Coming off the epic performance of female athletes at the 2016 Summer Olympics, women in sports is a hot topic. Brazen stuff.

5. Still Star Crossed

When it Airs: September 22 on ABC

What if the story of the Montigues and Caputlets continued? The deaths of Romeo and Juliet were tragic and rocked both families. Wait, there was foreshadowing: “A curse on both your houses!” by Mercuito, Act III, Scene 1. We did our homework.

Why We Are Watching: Two words: Shondaland Production.

6. Timeless

When it Airs: October 3 on Fox

A dangerous criminal steals a time machine and runs wild throughout history. The government recruits a history professor, a scientist and soldier to track him down before he rewrites history as we know it.

Why We Are Watching: We have a thing for historical dramas and with this one, various centuries in history can be accessed in one show. Cool.

7. Conviction

When it Airs: October 3 on ABC

The wrongly convicted  now have a champion in the form of a sassy young lawyer. She may have been blackmailed to take these cases but over time, the former “First Daughter” finds something bigger than herself in fighting them.

Why We Are Watching: Series star Hayley Atwell has been our girl crush since she starred in Agent Carter. (We still aren’t over ABC cancelling it.)

8. Frequency

When it Airs: October 5 on The CW

A police detective discovers she can talk to her deceased father in 1996 using his old ham radio. What she doesn’t anticipate by trying to save his life in 1996 is the butterfly effect on present day.

Why We Are Watching: We loved the movie the TV series is inspired by and father-daughter stories hit us right in the feels.

9. Divorce

When it Airs: October 9 on HBO

Frances decides she has had enough of her husband’s emotional cheating and tells him she wants a divorce. You go girl.

Why We are Watching: Sarah. Jessica. Parker. Is this is what life would be like post Sex and The City for Carrie and Mr. Big? You can bet we are tuning in to find out.

10. American Housewife

When it Airs: October 11 on ABC

“Normal” housewife Katie raises her family in the Stepford wives-esque area of Westport. The mix of perfect mommies and perfect children in this not-so-perfect family is a recipe for hilarity.

Why We Are Watching: The unfiltered thoughts that come out of Katie’s mouth are the same as our inside thoughts. Pretty brilliant if we do say so ourselves.

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