So we’ve been mulling over our holiday gift list and we’ve got all our wrapping paper ready, and lo and behold, we’ve noticed something. It turns out that this year, some of our greatest gift wishes don’t even have a price tagBrazen Fantasy Gift Guide: What Women Really Want. Not all, of course. We’ve got loads of gifts we want people to buy us, but then there are those presents that really are pure fantasy.

It all started with the Brazen editors shouting out gifts that would make our lives more fun. You know, like nightly back massages from the man, and magically defined abs no matter how much chocolate we eat, and laundry that folds itself.

Interestingly, we’ve reached an age where most of what we want this year is composed of the rare stuff that money can’t buy.

So we put the question to our community of Insiders (Not a member yet? Join us here.), and their answers made us smile. So without further blah blah blah, here they are: The top 29 gifts women want this year. Did we miss any?


1. I would really like to transport myself anywhere like in Star Trek. ~Emily

2. Self-cleaning bathroom! ~Jacki

3. A weekend at a spa – with hot and cold springs, gourmet food, lots of fantastic wine. ~Jane

4. A wardrobe that materializes by looking at pics in mags… see it….it comes right into your wardrobe, correct size and all…..and you pay in good vibes. ~Adele

5. A fit body no matter what I eat. ~Dessy

6. A private serenade by Bruce Springsteen, while we sip limoncello watching the sunset from our villa’s lemon grove on the Amalfi Coast! ~Patti

7. Independently wealthy but also blissfully happy and gracious. ~Paula

8. A day at The Nordik spa! Best experience ever! ~Patricia

9. The ability to fool around with hubby anytime, anywhere. ~Michelle

10. Dirty dishes that magically return to the perfectly loaded dishwasher… Or a personal chef (I mean other than my better half) ~Janice

11. A trip to Paris with by husband! ~Jennifer

12. A day at the spa with my bestie. Mmmm… ~Cindy

13. A brazen spa and bistro with the brazen posse. We would lock ourselves in for a week. ~Yitka

14. To be whisked away to a 4 day getaway to Iceland: spa, dinners, scuba diving, hiking. ~Michelle

15. To be given a year off work and school (with pay and no homework) along with enough money to travel the world the entire time. ~Andrea

16. To be given the winning Lotto Max ticket for this week. ~Patricia

17. Any of these will do- general idea- combine the spa idea with the romantic escape with hubby idea with the money-is-no-object-idea with the private chef idea…well, you get the idea! ~Deborah

18. I would like to travel, and visit family and friends all around the world. ~Daniella

19. I want to live winters somewhere warm and safe. ~Darleen

20. Honestly, one more meal with my mom. I miss her so much. ~Danielle

21. An opportunity to discuss Mathematics with Albert Einstein. ~Gillian

22. My dream gift would be a cure for brain injury. ~Donna

23. A personal chauffeur for a month. ~Randi

24. A Canyon Ranch Membership. Yup. That’s a biggie. ~Sharon

25. For my bff to have easier chemos (4 down, 8 more to go) and to get her strength and immune system back to normal.  Seeing her for a few days in NYC would be the cherry on the sundae. ~Marla

26. An unlimited supply of books and people to laugh at my jokes. Oh yeah, and the ability to eat buttered popcorn without gaining weight. ~Mara

27. Toilet paper rolls that changed themselves! ~Jenn

28. An end to terrorism. ~Corinne 29. I would really like my house to magically clean itself. ~Sabrina

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