What’s all this we’ve been hearing lately about likability? More important than your IQ or EQ (Emotional Quotient), women are being held to a much higher standard than men when it comes to being likable. We’re calling that the LQ, or the Likability Quotient. Take the Likability Test: Are You Brazen or a Bitch?

These days, it seems that if we’re not flashing our pearly whites, we pretty much run the risk of being called aloof, arrogant, or, worst of all, a bee-yotch. At the same time, men can act like total dicks and still rise (sorry) to the top of their profession, have models clinging onto each arm, and have their names plastered on buildings. Why is that?

Hey wait. Maybe there’s something to this LQ after all. Maybe, just maybe, there’s a bitchiness factor involved that we’re missing. Is it possible that we are sometimes behaving more like bitches than brazen women with a capital B? Do we need a primer on what brazenness is really all about?

Take the test, and see where you fall. We dare you.

ARE YOU BRAZEN? OR JUST A BITCH? Test Your Likability Quotient with our Likability quiz

STEP 1: Circle “A” or “B” below to find out which B-word you are.

1. This sounds more like you:

  • A. After three months in a new job, you ask your boss for a review and a raise because you know you are worth it.
  • B. You make a big mistake at work for which a colleague gets blamed. You shut your trap and let her take the fall.

2. A friend divorces her husband who you’re attracted to. You:

  • A. Decide to wait six months before asking your friend how she would feel if you dated him. If says she’s uncomfortable with the idea—hands and other body parts off.
  • B. Start dating him behind her back. He’s free game after all!

3. Your fave TV shows are:

  • A. The Veep, Homeland and Better Call Saul.
  • B. Kardashians, Real Housewives and the Bad Girls Club.

4. This sounds more like you: 

  • A. You post your opinion on social media and never back down even if there’s an avalanche of nasty responses. Haters gonna hate, you shrug.
  • B. You anonymously flame people’s comments that you disagree with online.

5. Your friend compliments you on a new dress, then buys the exact same one. You:

  • A. Tell her she has great taste and suggest throwing a twins party where couples or two friends dress exactly alike.
  • B. You “accidentally” spill red wine on her dress when you see her wearing your dress at a party.


STEP 2: Score yourself on the Brazen Scale. 

Each A is worth 2 points, and each B is worth 0.

10 LQ You are a classic Brazen woman! You grab life and its attendant bullshit by the horns. You believe in honestly, transparency, laughter and loyalty. You understand the importance of being selfless but you have no shortage of self-esteem. Brazen women know taking risks can be scary, but you are going to try your damnedest to get as close as possible to the flame without getting burned.

0 LQ B is for Bitch, Baby, and it’s a moniker you wear like a badge of honour. You are the narcissist, the one who everyone wants to vote off the island. Like a taciturn toddler, you don’t understand why you shouldn’t throw a tantrum to get what you want. You believe that the ends justify the meanness and that winners do whatever it takes to succeed. You also don’t care whose back you must scratch, claw or step on in order to get there. Please don’t confuse brazen with bitchiness. One is bold, the other cold.

SOMEWHERE IN BETWEEN Like most of us, you’re brazen and bitchy, depending on the time of day, time of month, time of year. Let’s face it, you’re human. Good on ‘ya.

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Jodie Gould is an award-winning writer and author of nine books, including HIGH: Six Guilt-Free PrincFour Celebs Who Know the Meaning of the Word Brazeniples for Pleasure and Escape (Hazelden) and co-author of DATE LIKE A MAN: To Get the Man You Want (HarperCollins). She has contributed to numerous magazines and blogs, including Woman’s Day, Family Circle, Redbook and Showtime.com, where she wrote a monthly column. Jodie has appeared on Oprah, CNN, Extra and other national TV and radio shows.

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