Now that the weather is warm and you can take a well-deserved break, it’s the ideal time for your summer getaway. Who doesn’t look forward to road trips and travelling to new places? We’re all in!

But for one in three women, bladder leaks can put the brakes on travel plans whether we’re flying across the world, or heading out on the open road. Thankfully, Always Discreet offers a variety of products designed for light to not-so-light leaks. That means that with you’ll never have to worry about a sneeze, cough, or laughing to your heart’s content, even when (especially when!) you’re travelling.

Summer Contest: Win Big with Always DiscreetNow is the time to enjoy your summer and travel with confidence! That’s why we’re giving away the perfect summer travel prize pack from Always Discreet, a gift with a total value of $800. Pretty amazing, wouldn’t you say? We would. Check out this prize and enter today to win!

The Always Discreet giveaway includes:

  • A stylish Ralph Lauren tote
  • $300 Via Rail gift card
  • $300 Fairmont gift card
  • A selection of Always Discreet products 

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  • My ultimate giveaway has to be a train ride out west. Would love to see the country!

  • Soozle

    I would love to get off the prairies and down to the east coast!

    FB name Suzanne K

  • Heidi C.

    My ultimate getaway would be to the Hawaiian Islands for a 3 week tour on a cruise.

  • angela mitchell

    I’ve been wanting to go to Banff again. I’ve only been once and I loved it! I shared this post on Facebook too:)

  • Dianne

    I would go to Waterton Lakes Park in Alberta. It is small town where you can walk everywhere within the town or take short drives to lakes and falls. It is one of our favourite vacation spots.

  • I would like to go to the east coast of Canada

  • Nancy T

    I would love love love a week at a resort with my family – I dream of not cooking and cleaning for a week! LOL 🙂

  • Brenda Lacourciere

    I would love to go to Quebec City.

  • jonnieh

    My ultimate summer getaway would a scenic train trip through the Rockies and then a stay in Vancouver.

  • UglyMummy

    i would love to go to ottawa

  • DH

    I would love to go to Whistler

  • ivy pluchinsky

    I would love to take a train ride out west to BC

  • Kim

    My ultimate Canadian getaway would be to Banff!

  • sibley_h

    I would love to go to Halifax to see friends and family.

  • Anna Chyjek

    I would love to go to Whistler this summer – I’ve been in the winter but never in the summer. Bring on the mountain biking!!

  • Leanne Scherp

    Anywhere I’ve never been to before. There are so many places!

  • fossie55

    I love to go on a train ride through the Rockies.
    Florence C

  • Jeannie

    My ultimate getaway would be to Banff!

  • Holly

    Vancouver Island to go whale watching!

  • Darlene Schuller

    I want to go out west and see Vancouver.

  • Elizabeth V

    We have been thinking about going to Mount Tremblant. We haven’t been in the summer and have heard some wonderful reviews. So that is my choice for my ultimate summer getaway. Thanks for this fantastic contest!

  • Jennifer Alger Morse

    I would go to Quebec City! I’ve never been there and I know there is a Fairmont hotel there!

  • Terri Baker

    I would absolutely love to go to the Great Bear Rainforest in British Columbia and see the beauty of this paradise including the Spirit Bear.

  • Emma Espirito

    I would love to head out to Vancouver Island and the surrounding islands in the area. Each one has it’s own magic to me and I find peace and solace in all the nature.

  • lp

    a spa in the mountains. thanks

  • joanne darrell

    P.E.I. would be my ultimate summer getaway.

  • mohammad anjum


  • Aarti

    I’d like to go to Montreal for my summer getaway.

  • lynnclayton

    i would go to toronto for a little getaway

  • Andrea Amy

    We would love to go out to Victoria BC

  • SeanM

    Just relaxing at home

  • I’d go to visit mom in Ontario.

  • annet

    I’d go up island to Parksville and sit on the beautiful beach!

  • Julie

    I would go to Quebec City!

  • karla

    I want to travel off this island,and go to Nova Scotia,PEI,New Brunswick maybe!!

  • Nicolthe pickle

    I would love to go to Saint Andrews by the Sea.

  • Ronald Gagnon

    Taking my 87 year old mother on the transCanada via rail trip

  • ginette4

    My ultimate summer get away would be to Nova Scotia

  • BaileyDexter

    San Jose CA. My family is there & I would love to visit the grand-kids. New grandbaby to snuggle waiting for me. LOL

  • Haroon

    I would love to visit Quebec!

  • Michelle Berg

    I have never been to Montreal. strange, I know. would love to rectify that.

  • kathy downey

    Gining to Sask would be my ultimate summer to visit my granddaughter

  • imagineme

    My daughter would go to Newfoundland.

  • Sarah Smart

    I would go to Calgary to visit my old friend and maybe even see a rodeo !? YEE haw!

  • Judy Cowan

    I would love to getaway to Mont Tremblant with my hubby.

  • Marlene

    Ultimate getaway will be to the Okanagan with its sunny beaches!

  • Nicole Jubleew

    I would love go to PEI.

  • Jodi Mitrovic

    I would love to take my family to visit the beautiful and majestic Niagara Falls. It’s a Canadian landmark that everyone should see once in their life. Thank you Brazen Woman!

  • Jenn E

    My ultimate summer get away would be to Banff – we’ve never been!

  • Debbie Bashford

    visiting with my BFF in BC

  • Clare I.

    I’d love a trip to the Rockies!

  • Natalie

    Scandinave Spa in Whistler!

  • 12carebear

    Mine is to go to PineValley Park and camp for a month , this would come in handy that is for sure one less thing to worry about . Though if money were no object my real desire would be a getaway to Bora Bora

  • Kelly Nash

    I have always wanted to go to the Wickaninish Inn in Tofino, BC

  • Jolie

    Would love to discover the Maldives islands.

  • Anna Pry

    my getaway would be a cruise

  • Eva Mitton Urban

    Quite simply, a trip to the West Coast, BC – to dip my toes in the Pacific Ocean…Have sandals/sun glasses/hat and my 12 year old son Evan – equipped with his new fishing rod.

  • Missycat11

    If I win my ultimate summer getaway would be a trip to Atlantic Canada. I have never been back east and would love to visit.

  • Pam Wood Humphrey

    I would like to take a road trip from Ontario to the East Coast.

  • Kelly D

    My ultimate road trip would be to Newfoundland and all over the province

  • Amy

    I would like to go on a family vacation to Disneyland.

  • Susan T.

    I would love to visit my good friend who has moved to Nova Scotia!

  • Wendy Hutton

    A trip to Jasper would be nice

  • Maritess

    A trip to Tofino, BC and enjoy the ocean

  • Victoria Ess

    I’d love to go to Tobermory!

  • pinksuzanne

    My ultimate trip for the summer would be to go to Banff.

  • Em

    if we could go fishing in florida that would be awesome!

  • Paula (lilpeej)

    I would love to take a cross-Canada road trip. I think Atlantic Canada would be especially fun and interesting to visit as I have never been that far east!

  • julie_bolduc

    I would go to Niagara falls

  • Joanne Donaldson Frank

    I would love to go to Montreal fingers crossed

  • blessedta

    Quebec City

  • StaceyA

    I would love to go anywhere with my best friend and just enjoy great company, great laughs and a chance to reenergize! Ottawa or Montreal would be at the top of my list.

  • lori b

    mine would be a trip to new brunswick

  • Lucy

    I would go to Quebec City!

  • Tricia Cooper

    My ultimate summer getaway would be a trip to the East Coast!

  • Janet Meisner

    It would be a tour of Eastern Europe.

  • Carolann Westbrook

    I would go to Halifax!

  • Cheryl

    Being from the country I would love to escape to the city maybe Montreal for the weekend!! 🙂

  • kisten

    I am itching to go to Whitehorse this year

  • Clare

    I would go to NYC to see Hamilton the Musical with my mom 🙂

  • Alison Braidwood

    I’d like to spend a month lounging in the sun on the Amalfi coast. All expense paid, of course :0

  • Mary Collinson Koehn

    I would go visit the Rocky Mountains.

  • Trysmallthings

    I’d love a getaway to Vancouver and do the Grouse Grind.

  • Melinda Jana

    I’m thinking the Rocky Mountains

  • gayle b

    Ultimate summer getaway would be to visit my wonderful friends in Smiths Falls, in Eastern Ontario. Love the small town and surrounding villages and towns, the charm, the boutiques, pubs, patio’s overlooking the channels, love the slower pace of life but most of all, love spending time with a friend who lives far too far away.

  • JackiYo

    Would love to get out to BC for a variety of reasons, or head to Ottawa to visit my kids while they’re with their dad.

  • Sharron Johnston

    My ultimate summer getaway would be to take my grandchildren to Marine Land. I took my children many times when they were younger and it was always a blast. There’s so much for them to see and do and the park has expanded extensively over the years. It would be wonderful to ride the train there with them as they haven’t both either of these thing yet. Many thanks 🙂

  • Juliee Fitze

    Mine would be to go to Edmonton to see my son and his family.

  • Lushka Smith

    Mine would be Montreal

  • dcb

    I would love to go to Australia this summer, but that is only in my dreams!

  • Allie Futterer


  • Allie Futterer

    I shared on Facebook by reposting the link on my page (Allie Futterer)

  • LisaM

    By via rail my destination would be Montreal!

  • flowerchild23

    I would love to go to Scotland.

  • flowerchild23

    shared on facebook

  • Carole Dube

    Vancouver would be my ultimate gateway this summer.

  • RachidnMary

    Niagara Falls is where I want to go with my husband.

  • Bethany Young

    Id love to check out Montreal

  • Pam Fontaine

    I’d love to go back to Halifax! Such a great city!

  • Robyn B.

    I would love to go to Quebec City.

  • DanaQueen

    My ultimate summer getaway would be to Whistler, BC! I enjoy nature and outdoor activities. I would love to try zip lining and riding quads.

  • Tracydeanne

    Our ultimate summer getaway would be a cruise…anywhere!.

  • Doris

    My ultimate summer getaway would be to visit Montreal.

  • Melissa Harris

    My ultimate summer getaway would be to PEI, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick.

  • dewinner

    My dream is Nova Scotia, PEI and Newfoundland (Doris Calvert)

  • aly3360

    I’d love to take a weekend trip to PEI. A weekend would not be even close to enough time to enjoy the adventure, but it would be a start!

  • Gillian Morgan

    My ultimate getaway would have to be visiting Gros Mourne on the other side of my province.

  • Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard

    I think we would go to Banff or Lake Louise

  • binabug

    I’d head to banff just because I’ve never been there and hear its nice in the cars with the sky windows

  • Jacqueline Man

    I would love to head to Montreal with my hubby or girlfriends!

  • Sharon Brideau

    would be great to win this !

  • lightshinningthrough

    lots of interesting topics! touching on travel how to stay healthy and fit ( what about safety traveling alone that be good to do an post on that; and if and where are travelling clubs for singles) thanks for this contest! @sandypeachy1 on twitter and sandypetra on fb I would go to Seneca Niagara

  • Elena S

    I’d like to take my hubby to Quebec as a treat. It’s been ages!

  • Julie-Lynne McCann

    Would be a getaway with my amazing hubby for some wine tours, shopping and maybe spa or a Blue Jays game. We haven’t been anywhere in a very very long time as he has been very ill (had cancer twice) and other health problems…we have been under lots of stress in every way and so could use a getaway!!! BADLY…

  • michelle matta

    oh boy… im not sure. probably quebec or something. our anniversary is aug 30. we’d aim for something in that realm of time.

  • Erinn Lishman

    I would definitely do Quebec City with my hubs if I could afford it- and this would surely help!

  • Amie

    We have been trying to find new things to do every summer , last summer was waterfall touring , Id love to do that again !

  • Betty Spry

    I would love to take the train to Vancouver to visit family

  • Jenness M

    To Churchill Manitoba to kayak with belugas!

  • Lucy

    I would love to go visit Quebec City

  • Erica

    I would love to go to Cavendish PEI.

  • Caryn Coates

    I would go to my home Newfoundland.

  • Vanessa

    I’d love to go anywhere by rail! It would be so much fun!

  • ivy pluchinsky

    I would like to go to the East Coast of Canada!

  • Maggie Cheung

    love to travel out to montreal to experience the annual jazz festival!

  • LC

    would like to go to the East Coast of Canada!

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