Now that the weather is warm and you can take a well-deserved break, it’s the ideal time for your summer getaway. Who doesn’t look forward to road trips and travelling to new places? We’re all in!

But for one in three women, bladder leaks can put the brakes on travel plans whether we’re flying across the world, or heading out on the open road. Thankfully, Always Discreet offers a variety of products designed for light to not-so-light leaks. That means that with you’ll never have to worry about a sneeze, cough, or laughing to your heart’s content, even when (especially when!) you’re travelling.

Summer Contest: Win Big with Always DiscreetNow is the time to enjoy your summer and travel with confidence! That’s why we’re giving away the perfect summer travel prize pack from Always Discreet, a gift with a total value of $800. Pretty amazing, wouldn’t you say? We would. Check out this prize and enter today to win!

The Always Discreet giveaway includes:

  • A stylish Ralph Lauren tote
  • $300 Via Rail gift card
  • $300 Fairmont gift card
  • A selection of Always Discreet products 

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