We’re so happy that March 20 has been named International Happiness Day. There is just too much gloominess around us all the time, and we all need a break from it, just to smile, feel happy and enjoy smiling. But we’re not waiting for happiness to hit; we’re making it happen in our own lives. So why are we waiting until a specific day?  We should feel happiness today—and every day.

The time to start turning that frown upside down is now. Not next week, not even tomorrow. That’s why we’ve got expert tips to share right now that will help you do just that.

Get your pen out—or your phone, or wherever you use to take notes. You’re going to find yourself using and loving these tips. They come from an expert who wrote a book on the subject and they’re simple, straightforward and smart. Just like you.

(Did we make you smile?)


1. Begin every day with thanks. 
Happiness is an abstract concept, so choose a feeling that is more tangible. Gratitude is one of the most powerful, a conduit for bringing joy into your life. Every morning, when you awake, bring your attention to your heart and breath deeply.
With your eyes closed, quietly repeat these words, as if you are communicating them to your heart: “Thank you, thank you, thank you.” Take your time and feel each word, experiencing within you the feeling of gratitude.
2. Practice feeling uninhibited joy.
If your sense of happiness relies on external expectations, your happiness will come and go. If you identify with your body, your mind, your career, or your possessions, you will lose your sense of self as those things go away.
To connect with a sustainable happiness, first, connect with your eternal soul, the part of you that never comes and goes.
3. Voice your boundaries.
Keeping things in, drains us of our innate joy. Be respectful of your inner self by giving it a clear voice when boundaries need to be established. When you hear that little voice inside say “this is not ok,” say something. No matter what others think of you, no matter what you think others think of you.
Speak your clarity in the moment, not long after the impulse arose in you. Speak from that place within where wisdom comes from, and let the chips fall where they may — people can handle it.
4. Care out loud. 
Expressing what is moving through your soul is the best antidote to the feelings of disillusion and resignation. Not voicing your feelings can turn that pressure turns into anxiety, and the mind picks up on it and you find yourself less than happy.
With exuberance, share your enthusiasm and love for the things that create AHA moments.
5. Seal the deal
There’s no disputing the fact that magic happens when we sleep.
Take advantage of the last few moments before sleep whisks you away to recenter yourself to your desired feeling. Dr. Wayne Dyer used to say that whatever your state is before you go to bed, you will marinate in it all night—so do yourself a favour and make it good.
Anne Bérubé, Ph.D. is a university professor turned Canadian author who will be releasing her memoir, Be Feel Think Do, a book of love and personal tragedy that teaches how to reach for sustainable happiness through self-realization techniques. 

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