When it comes to what goes into a solid relationship, there are a few secrets that seem to work. One biggie is that we each do what we do best. When the hampers are full, the husband gets annoyed. It wouldn’t occur to him to say, Hey, I can just pop in a load on a Saturday! Oh no, why should he? Laundry is way out of his domain. And that’s fine with me. He’s got a whole host of items on his side of our intuitive chore chart. Like following along with a YouTube video on his phone so he can fix the dishwasher, for instance, and getting on a ladder to change a hundred lightbulbs. And, of course, raking all those fall leaves.

Uh oh, what was that sound? When back pain strikes, it’s sudden agony, the kind that hits out of nowhere. Much like shovelling snow, or playing touch football, raking the leaves is just one of those activities that can take even the best man down. Unless he’s prepared, that is.

Re-Leaf Tips: How to Rake Leaves Without Breaking Your BackRaking leaves has always been fun for my guy. It’s a great workout in a lovely setting and while he gets active, he can feel like Superman. Dig, throw, pile, bag, repeat. Plus, when you’re cleaning up, there’s this accomplished feeling you can’t really get anywhere else. If it’s a sunny day, exhilaration sets in fast. You’re calm, cool, collecting. Until you’re not.

Did you know that there are tips for how to properly rake the leaves so that you avoid hurting your back? And if you do suffer from post-raking pain, help is available!

Now, your man may not want your help at first, but he’ll gladly take it if he or anyone he knows has suffered from back pain and he’s smart enough to want to avoid it forever. And if you’re the one out there all gung-ho with rake in hand, this is for you. It’s time we all enjoy the peace of mind we need to stay active and healthy while raking this fall.  

How to Rake Leaves Without Breaking Your Back

Advil® 12 Hour “Re-Leaf” Raking Tips

Raking season can be a pain! Don’t let autumn leaves get the better of you. Follow these four tips to get “Re-L.E.A.F.” from raking pain this fall!

  • Learn the proper techniques:The right moves make the difference! Use your legs to shift your weight while raking, rather than twisting your back. Switch your lead arm regularly to help avoid exhausting your muscles with repetitive motions. And, bend with your knees instead of your back when lifting.
  • Ease in with stretching:Raking leaves may not seem as physically demanding as a gym workout, but it can take a toll on your body. Stretching beforehand warms up your muscles and stretching afterwards can relieve muscle tension.
  • Always listen to your body:Know when it’s time to take a break. If you have lots of leaves to rake and you’re feeling sore, take a time-out instead of trying to push through the pain. Non-prescription pain relievers like Advil 12 Hour can provide fast-acting and long-lasting pain relief.
  • Find the right-sized rake: Using a rake that’s too long or short forces you to contort your body, causing sore back muscles. Choose a rake that allows you to reach leaves a fair distance away from your feet without having to bend or twist.

About Advil 12 Hour

Re-Leaf Tips: How to Rake Leaves Without Breaking Your BackLet’s just say right here that there’s no need to spend fall recovering from overwork. The new non-prescription pain reliever Advil 12 Hour helps you stay active by managing your pain so you can re-focus on daily life rather than lying flat on your back. That’s because ibuprofen, the active ingredient in all Advil products, has been clinically proven to relieve pain from inflammation. Advil 12 Hour provides fast-acting plus long-lasting relief of muscle, back, joint and arthritis pain in just one pill.

We love it because it works—and fast. The immediate release/extended release formula relieves pain in two phases: a quick burst for relief that’s fast and extended release for relief that lasts. Plus, you won’t have to worry about the pill wearing off while you’re mid-rake, or set your alarm so you’ll know when to take another dose. One convenient dose means you’re pain-free for up to 12 hours.

Easy to swallow, right?

READY TO GET RAKING? Hop on over to Advil.ca to download a coupon for $3 off the purchase of Advil 12 Hour. You’ll find Advil 12 Hour on the shelf of your local pharmacy.

Note: Follow the directions on the label or speak with your doctor to ensure Advil 12 Hour is right for you. Raking tips do not replace medical advice. Although this post was sponsored, all opinions, as usual, are ours.



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