It’s hot, we’re hot, and we’re living outside so thank heavens for one thing that literally saves lives every day: Shorts. And if you ask us, the shorter the better. Free skin, tanned legs, cool look. Newsflash: It’s summer, people. Bare is where it’s at, no matter your age. Right? So imagine our SHOCK when a member of The Brazen Insiders posted this doozy of a question in our Facebook group: So I heard someone say that woman over 35 should not wear shorts…I don’t know about you but this weather does not call for pants. Who’s of the same opinion? Do you wear shorts in the summer?  WTF???

We are delighted to report that what followed was a virtual explosion. Of laughter. Of outrage. Of amazement. And then, ultimately, of PHOTOS! Of us—all 35+ of us—rocking our shorts. Yep, within the span of one short day, sparked by one short post, we’ve got a shorts mutiny in our group. There are 78 comments and counting, too many pics to count, and our very own brazen hashtag: #ShowUsYourShorts


Here’s just a snapshot of the responses:

*I’m 41 and wear shorts all the time. Especially when I play sports with other fantastic women over 35 who all wear shorts. Screw the “rules.” Who makes this crap up anyway? -Jennifer Morris Kerr

*Oh good lord. I even wear denim shorts. Gasp!! -Louise Gleeson

*I wear shorts and bikinis and mini skirts. I also wear eyeshadow with glitter in it, have long hair, and do all the things I want because one day I’ll be dead and then I won’t be able to. -Mara Shapiro

*I’m 47. These, by the fashion police standards, are WAYYY too short. I don’t actually care. I have spider veins AND dimples in my thighs. And my man likes the ‘daisy duke’ jean short ….especially when I wear cowboy boots. -Jane Plumb Pearlman

*To be a brazen woman surely you wear whatever makes you feel good and makes you feel comfortable. Who the hell cares what anyone else thinks. I am so done with that. -Rosamund Morgan Kavander

So yeah, since when does anyone dictate what we can wear? (OK, fine, we have been known to joke about fashion that makes us look like overgrown teenagers. For instance, we do draw the line at Heidi braids or flashing our butt cheeks after a certain age.) More to the point, to all you kidlets who have yet to learn what the word sweat really means: We are not retiring our number one summer wardrobe staple anytime soon (read:ever).

Which begs the question. What would you have us wear in this heat? Jeans? Your granny’s housedress? STFU and feast your eyes:

Breaking News: Women over 35 Wear Shorts! #ShowUsYou Shorts

So what’s next? Well, we’re going to let all the nonsense-sayers know this: We wear shorts and here’s nothing you can do about it.

Join the movement! Take a pic of you in your shorts and post it so you can #ShowUsYourShorts. On Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, your fridge, and everywhere.

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