You know how there are those familiar little emergencies that just happen to happen to everyone at least once? Well, we’re doing a situation check otherwise known as Remember When. Have any of these ever happened to you?

Despite your best efforts at perfection, you…

  1. Lost a button – right at the bust line of your oh-so-professional white blouse – while out for dinner with important clients
  2. Realized when you’re halfway to the party that your sexy LBD is a little over-eager in the side boob department
  3. Pulled out your vitamin sorter and realized it’s butt ugly and probably twice the size of your Grandma’s pill case
  4. Kept your phone in your bra during your run and ended up with sweat induced water damage

We’ve got the antidote for each of these emergencies and it’s called MYTAGALONGS. No matter where you go, you’ll want to keep one of them handy.

Basically, MYTAGALONGS exist for the things that happen to you. Designed by the folks who gave us disposable underwear, they aim to solve the little everyday problems that plague us. The products are separated into categories like Emergency, Organizing, Fitness, and Travel.

These travel-friendly items, kits, and mini-kits will quickly become your full-0n BFFs. Just right for the busy woman in all of us, they are like little convenience packs that flat-out make life easier, created to tackle annoying situations from a crushed tampon to an unravelled hem or even an unwieldy fascination for supplements.

Nice to know someone’s got your back, huh?

Here are a few of our favourites:  

MYTAGALONGS Fashion Emergency Pop Art TinMYTAGALONGS Fashion Emergency Kit ($8.00): Whether you’re on a date, a girls’ night out or a work event, you’ve got everything you may need for any fashion emergency once you’ve left the house. Included in this convenient and compact kit – small enough even for a clutch – are earring backs, a bra clip, double-sided apparel tape, sewing kit and a pair of foot cushions. No more sore feet in heels, no more missing blouse button.

MYTAGALONGS Personal Emergency Pop Art TinMYTAGALONGS Personal Emergency Kit ($8.00):This one is chock full of all the things you always need but never have on hand, or lose in your giant handbag, plus a little more space for adding a few of your own items. Never search for a hair elastic, individual flossers, sewing kit, BandAids, tweezers or double-sided tape ever again.

MYTAGALONG Pop Art Vitamin TinMYTAGALONGS Vitamin Pod ($5.00): Addicted to popping pills (the healthy kind)? Forget those ugly, huge pill boxes you find at the dollar store. Designed to fit all sizes of pills, this hard case, 7-compartment vitamin pod is the perfect accessory for travelling, staying organized and keeping you on track. It’s completely cute, and small enough to fit in your purse.

MYTAGALONGS Waist Band LeopardMYTAGALONGS Waistband ($15.00): This ain’t your tourist’s fanny pack. It’s the ideal accessory for going hands-free while working out or walking your pooch. With an adjustable and extremely lightweight elastic waist band made from expandable Neoprene, it’s water resistant and comfortable enough to wear all day, no matter what you’re busy doing.

Buy online at MYTAGALONGS.

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