How to Pose for Photos and Look GreatFirst things first: everyone has a good side. Whether it’s full frontal, left or right, figure it out and then stand firm on where you need to be. And forget hooking out that sorority arm on your hip.

If you want to look better in photos, here’s how to do it. Stand facing the camera. Twist your upper torso slightly to the left or right, one foot slightly in front of the other. Pull your shoulders up and back, and stick out your hips slightly just like your Momma told you. Then place your outer hand directly on your waist, not hip. Keep your chin slightly down and give off a mysterious and knowing smile, like someone just told you a dirty joke. If you must stand straight to the camera, try bending one knee and put your hand in your pocket while pushing your shoulders up and back a little.

Need to Know: Unless you’re trying to catch flies, or it’s a candid shot, a huge open mouthed smile will looked forced. And please, stay away from duck face. Talk about creating wrinkles around the mouth where there are none.


How to Look Great in Photos with Alcon Multifocal Contact LensesShow us your assets! We know you love that flowing draped blouse, but in photos, it’s the kiss of death. A more fitted top, preferably one with a flattering neckline, will always photograph better. But if you’re more comfortable with a bit of extra fabric  on top, make sure you’ve paired it with a slim bottom. Add a statement necklace to add interest, or a bit of sparkle detail at the neckline.

Dresses will always show better when you’re standing, too. And PS. If you’ve got a bit of a muffin top, try a higher waisted pant to hold it all in.

Need to Know: Go loose on top or bottom, not both, unless you’re attending clown school. Too tight won’t do you any favours but neither will baggy clothes that look like you’re hiding yourself in there.

Those are our ‘Look Great in Photo’ tips. We’d love to hear yours! 

This post was generously sponsored by Alcon. All tips and opinions are our own. 

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