Fall is one of my favorite seasons, not only because of the fantabulous fashions but because it brings that desire to hibernate and snuggle away. Few things compare to cozying up in front of the fire with a good book, thick socks and your favorite blanket. Except, that is, for your favorite drink—spiked with something special.

Most days, I prefer a toasty drink to combat the chill outside but now and then, I also crave something rich and creamy to satisfy my sweet tooth. Either way, there’s a fall cocktail perfect for sipping! Beefeater 24 cocktails

Go ahead and spike your tea!

Who doesn’t love a hot cup of tea? So why not mix in some fine British gin to take it up a notch? Beefeater 24 with its gorgeous bottle design is a delicate blend of 12 natural botanicals sourced from around the world.

These botanicals have been steeped for 24 hours under the watchful eye of the master blender and gin lovers are sure to be head over heels with this find.

Most teas blend well with the simple addition of Beefeater 24 gin but steer away from very strong dark blends. Light fruity, citrusy and chocolatey teas work best.

Simply steep your tea in your favorite mug and add 1.5 oz of Beefeater 24.

Feel free to sprinkle in a spoon of sugar or a squeeze of lime to suit your taste! It really can’t get any simpler – or tastier.     IMG_4146

Next time you want to curl up with a giant tub of ice cream or are craving anything sweet, try shaking up some creaminess!

Add 1.5oz Carolans Irish Cream, 1oz Beefeater 24 Gin, 2.5 oz milk, 0.5 oz brown sugar, simple syrup and ice to a shaker (if you don’t have one use your thermos flask or water bottle). Then shake it like a polaroid picture.

Shake it reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal good.

Strain into a glass and sprinkle cinnamon for a fancy topping.

Enjoy, stay warm and snuggle up with your drinks.


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Yashy Murphy

World traveller, wine guzzler and cocktail shaker; always on the prowl for new adventures in the concrete world, all with a baby on the hip. Having recently swapped marketing alcoholic beverages for juggling martinis and diapers at home, Yashy's got a drink for every occasion. You can find her lusting after the next travel opportunity and sharing food and drink recommendations alongside kid friendly events happening in Toronto on her blog as well as on Twitter and Instagram.

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