So here’s what inquiring minds like ours wanna know. They are the very important life questions that tell us a lot about you by the type of junk food you reach for. Answer these, will you? Are you salty or are you sweet—or a perfect blend of both? Do popcorn and chocolate make the ideal combo? Does chewy candy go down best when it’s washed down by a deliciously dry Pinot Noir and do the taste of chips get elevated by a cold beer chaser?

The Top Junk Foods That Make Life Worth Living

Are you Salty?

In case you’re not with the program, we’re about to make your day. Today, friends, is National Junk Food Day. *WOOHOOOO The cheering section comes alive* And you know that that means? It means we can eat junk to our hearts’ and souls’ content and forget about our minds! It also means that it’s officially high time we found out the answers to these life-changing questions about junk food that actually say a lot about who you are.

Let’s get real, here. You are what you crave, right? You bet.

So today, we are going ahead and doing the all-too-thinkable and treating ourselves to the best of the worst food we adore—and, if we’re honest, we can’t live without. Listen up. We may love our spin class and showing off our bronzy summer legs, but that doesn’t mean we are giving up our junk food, like ever.

The Top Junk Foods That Make Life Worth Living

Are you Sweet?

Wondering which junk foods are at the top of our must-eat list? We polled our community of Brazen Insiders on Facebook (What? You’re not a member? Click here right now!) to find out what we’re indulging in, and we can’t say we’re shocked by the answers. In fact, we expected nothing less of our brazen women.

Check out this video to see where you fall on the Brazen Junk Food scale. And munch on, friends. We sweet and salty people deserve our treats. They help us stay high on life—and that’s pretty damn big in our books. Are you with us? (Yes, that was a rhetorical question.)


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