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I have an addiction and I’m standing up and confessing because it’s a weirdly brazen one. Are you ready? I am addicted to online surveys. There’s something so pleasurable, so satisfying about giving my opinion. I think the issue is that I’m a fiercely outspoken person. I have likes and dislikes and I get off on sharing them. Speaking up and speaking out is like a drug to me, and if I can do it online, with no one around, well, that’s even better. Do you feel me?

How My Addiction to Online Surveys is Making a Difference For a short time, I got hooked on those questionnaire games on Facebook. I’d need a little break from work, and I’d start answering questions being fired at me, one after another after another, asking for my take on every topic in the universe. This could go on indefinitely, or at least as long as I could stand it. Then one day, I finally realized that besides giving me an ego boost, nobody was actually hearing my voice. My brilliant answers to random questions were just floating around out there in the ether. There was nothing of value going on, nothing really in it for me. What I was doing was a complete waste of time, and time is something I don’t have to waste.

Well, guess what? I have now discovered a way to satisfy my love of surveys where my opinion—on countless topics ranging from general knowledge to sports to pop culture—can make an impact. And you should join me.

Thanks to Ipsos, a global independent market research company, there is a way that I can type on my computer, or my smartphone, and answer questions that are designed to elicit information that will make the products and experiences we engage with every day a whole lot better.

Now, as brilliant as my opinions are, Ipsos needs more than just me. The more opinions, the more improvement. Do you enjoy taking online surveys? Love having your voice heard? Join me on the i-say community’s online panel to do a little market research. You’ll love it.

As part of the i-say panel, you get all kinds of perks. Not only are the surveys addictive, fun and free, but they’re really satisfying to take. And your answers will influence decision makers. Just by giving your opinion on a wide variety of services, policies, products and ideas, you’ll make a difference. For big mouths like me, that’s a reward in and of itself. But there’s more. Like prizes!

At the end of each survey, you get rewarded for your contribution. How awesome is that? Your account will get stocked with reward points that rack up pretty fast. Whenever you’re ready, you can redeem those points for gift cards to places you love and other specialty items you’ll love. Now that’s a lotta goodness.

Are you in? Here’s how it works.

All you do to share your opinion on the i-say online panel is click this link to register. Now get ready to speak up and be heard and take surveys and earn rewards with i-Say.

How brazen is that?

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