What is it about the name Chris? Seems that all of the hottest Hollywood hunks are sporting it. Is this one syllable a badge of honour for the BMOS (Big Man On Screens)? Does the very sound spark fire in women’s hearts? We’re starting to wonder if there’s something subliminal going on.

Regardless of why Chris is the moniker du jour, if there’s power in a name, this one’s got it. There are just too many of these dudes taking over Tinsel Town not to notice. These days, if your name is Chris, we’re buying stock in you. You’re destined to be a celebrity It Guy. Don’t believe us? Check out these bios. And take our quiz at the end. It will tell you which Chris is your top-secret fantasy boyfriend.


Yes, important info to have, we know.

Brush up your Chris trivia just in case you come up on his Tinder too.


Chris Evans

Courtesy of Walt Disney Studios

Once known for his role in cheesy teen flicks (Remember the banana in the ass in Not Another Teen Movie? Neither do we), Evans has grown up so fast, you’ll hardly recognize him. Except that of course you will because he’s a Hollywood A-lister. Just try not to giggle when you hear his salt-of-the-earth laugh.

What’s Next for Evans After making his directorial debut at Toronto Film Fest Festival with Before We Go, Evans has said he may take a step back from the screen (boo!) to concentrate on behind the camera work. Before he can do that, he’s got some Captain America storylines to finish—at least until 2019 (Yay!).


Chris Hemsworth

Courtesy of Walt Disney Studios

In 2014, People Magazine confirmed what we already knew—this Chris is the Sexiest Man Alive. Yeah, yeah. Of course you’re familiar with that killer physique but bet you had no idea he can bust a move.

What’s Next for Hemsworth Like Evans, Hemsworth will be delighting us onscreen until at least 2019. That’s because he’ll be busy reprising his character, Thor, in the Marvel Universe with upcoming sequels to Thor and The Avengers.  You can also have fun picturing him chasing around his three kids while he carves out time to film sequels to National Lampoon’s Vacation and Snow White and the Huntsman.


chris pine

Photo : Creative Commons / Eva Rinaldi

Are you staring yet? This Chris has steely blue eyes that stop us dead. Whether he’s fighting aliens alongside Spock in Star Trek, saving the world from terrorists as Jack Ryan or wooing Cinderella with song, we’re in. We’re suckers for a gentleman. Wherever he goes, we will follow.

What’s Next for Pine Pine is busy filming Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp which will air on Netflix July 31, 2015. Summer is coming. Let the binge watching begin!


Chris Pratt

Courtesy of Walt Disney Studios

As Park and Recreation’s chunky, good natured yet dim witted Andy Dwyer, we have to confess we didn’t give this Chris a second glance. His physical transformation into the studly Starlord for Guardians of the Galaxy made us stand up and take notice. It’s not just his physical presence that makes us love him, though. His relationship with wife Anna Faris give us All. The. Feels.  

What’s Next for Pratt Get ready to run. Pratt stars in the next instalment of the Jurassic Park franchise (in theaters June 12, 2015). After this movie, not only will he be trying to outrun the newest genetically modified giant lizard, he will be chased by legions of fangirls.

CHRIS NOTH: SILVER HOT  chris nothchris noth We first took notice of this silver foxy Chris when he starred as Detective Mike Logan in Law and Order. Then we pined for him along with our brazen Carrie Bradshaw in the infamous Sex and The City as the two of them played cat and mouse for years. As if he wasn’t Mr. Big enough by then, we’re hooked by his character on The Good Wife. This is one Chris we love to hate and love to love and can’t quite get enough of.

SO…which Chris is for you? Find out here.


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