No matter the weather, summer never has to end if you plan ahead. Stretch the sunshine and hang on tight to patio season with a sun-kissed cocktail, like this Smashed Summer Lemonade. Bursting with the bright flavours of strawberry, lemon, and poolside memories, this easy-to-make sipper, created to spotlight the new Sodastream Free lemonade, will transport you straight int summer—for as long as you goddamn please.

Smashed Summer Lemonade with strawberries and Sodastream Free Fresh Lemonade

A bit about the main ingredient

While you could use any bubbly lemonade in this recipe, it’s at its sunniest when made with Sodastream Free Fresh lemonade.

What’s so special about it?

The new Sodastream Free line is the best way to enjoy lightly sweetened homemade drinks with natural ingredients. Free from artificial sweeteners, flavours, colours, and preservatives, they contain a fraction of the calories and sugar of regular soft drinks. Plus, you can choose from six delicious flavours, including Kiwi-Pear, Passion-Mango, Cranberry-Raspberry, Apple-Peach, Green Tea-Lychee and Fresh Lemonade.

Try one an you’ll find yourself addicted to Sodastream Free fruit flavoured syrup concentrates ($7.99, wherever Sodastream is sold). Don’t have a Sodastream? What are you waiting for? Not only is it a wallet and environment alternative for bubbly water drinkers everywhere, it’s fun to use, too. You should get one—just in time to keep summer close by year-round. Oh, and to mix up these yummy fizzy cocktails. Duh.

Smashed Summer Lemonade

3 oz Sodastream Free Fresh Lemonade

1 large spoonful hulled strawberries

1 oz Luksusowa Polish potato-based Vodka

2-3 large basil leaves, torn

In a tall glass, muddle the strawberries and basil leaves until mashed and fragrant. Add some ice, and then the vodka. Top with lemonade. Garnish with a basil leaf and a twist of lemon.

For best results, enjoy with friends.

Sodastream Free syrups

Give your tastebuds a treat! 

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