Let’s be honest: Mondays always seem to suck. It takes all week before the Friday thrill signals the weekend’s coming. Saturday you’re lost in a haze of happy and then the familiar anxiety starts creeping back in. Inevitably, as Sunday slips away, you can’t help but check the week’s to-do list. The weekend high crashes to a low even before Monday morning hits. How to Make Mondays Not SuckBelieve it or not, Mondays are actually no different than any other day of the week. For some strange reason, we seem to believe that life gets easier as the week goes on but that’s only because our perception changes. Newsflash: If we can treat every day of the week like it’s Friday, everything will shift. The goal is to look forward to every day and feel good, regardless of its name, so the stress of what’s ahead won’t seem so overwhelming. How do you accomplish that?


1. Have morning sex. Couple celebrationSeriously, this trick works. And the best part is it doesn’t require a partner either. Sex eases stress by releasing dopamine, that amazing feel-good chemical in your brain. Starting off the day with a sweaty romp under the sheets or with your favourite toy will get you feeling high even before the day starts. And since it also lowers your blood pressure, the anxiety that’s been stirring in your system since Sunday will wane. Plus, sex is definitely a form of exercise so if the thought of working out on a Monday morning after an indulgent weekend makes you cringe, consider this your daily workout. Bonus!

2. Bust a move. How to Make Mondays Not SuckYou may feel like an idiot, but dancing as you get ready will make a huge difference in how you feel throughout the day. Just getting into your body makes you feel more awake and present and lightens your mood. So pick a song you love, crank it up and dance your tension away. Better yet, grab anyone near you—your boyfriend, husband, girlfriend, kids, cat, dog—and get them moving, too. The good energy you generate is contagious and if you can get the whole house feeling good, the morning will go smoother—and so will your Monday.

3. Eat breakfast. How to Make Mondays Not SuckLet’s say you’ve slept for 8 hours. That’s 8 hours where your body has essentially dehydrated and starved itself. You can’t expect to get going easily without some real fuel. Start your morning with a tall glass of lemon water as soon as you wake up—even before you shower. Follow that with a quality breakfast that consists of protein, carbohydrates and fibre, even if you think you’re not hungry yet. Although it seems counterintuitive, eating a healthy breakfast will actually help keep your weight down. You won’t need to binge mid-morning on whatever you can get your hands on when your blood sugar suddenly crashes before lunch.

4. Sport your favourite new outfit. How to Make Mondays Not SuckYou know that cute little number you’ve been saving for a ‘special day’? Make Monday that day. Let everyone at work shower you with compliments. If you work from home, toss aside the sweats and get dressed up to head out of the house for a bit, whether that’s to shop, run errands or find yourself a quaint café to get some work done. When we feel good about how we look, we stand taller and exude confidence. You’ll notice how that good feeling spills into everything else you do all day. While you’re at it, wear your favourite lipstick and walk in everywhere as brazenly as you dare.

5. Do something you love. How to Make Mondays Not SuckOK, so you may not be working at your dream job or have a fully developed business (yet). Maybe there are office politics or client drama dragging you into the dumps. Monday is the perfect day to do something for yourself that you love. This lovefest can be anything from showing up to that yoga class that always satisfies your soul, or just sitting with a good book, a glass of vino and a bite of chocolate at the end of the day. Treat yourself.

6. Get out and walk. How to Make Mondays Not SuckIf you find that you’re hitting the proverbial wall at any point in your day, take a break. But rather than heading to the water cooler to complain about your crappy Monday or getting sucked into the social media rabbit hole, go for a walk in the ‘hood. Do some people watching and get some Vitamin D in the sun. Getting moving will stimulate your thoughts, creativity and energy. It’ll do wonders if you’re beginning to feel stuck or tired.

7. Take a do-over. How to Make Mondays Not SuckNobody’s perfect. If you’re having a rough day and it seems as though everything that could possibly go wrong has, be kind to yourself and choose to restart the day. The shit has hit the fan and it’s not even 9:30am? Rather than declare the whole day a write-off, give yourself a hug and start the day from scratch. You can choose to reset the day whenever you like and need to.

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Corinne K.

Corinne K. works with stressed and busy women. She helps them slow down and feel better physically and emotionally. She guides them to get real about what they truly need to feel more free, inspired and empowered in their lives.

When she's not working she's probably sitting on a patio somewhere with a glass of wine, traveling or wandering the city.

Check out her website at corinnek.ca.

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