I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Not every body is right for every trend. But this time, for the new harem pants (Hello, Hammer!), I’m making an exception to the general rule. That’s because this is one those trends that is actually flattering  on all frames and for all ages. Called everything from harem pants to dressy jogging pants, this light, easy-to-wear style is everywhere.

It’s no wonder the trend is so popular. Slip into a pair and you may never want to take them off. They are that comfy, and that versatile. If you pair them with the right outfit, you’ll find you can wear your harem pants running errands, to a business meeting, and off to meet friends for drinks. Because they’re loose-ish, and often have a drawstring, you’ll also be able to sit down and really enjoy a big meal. Check out these 4 looks to get ideas about how to dress up and dress down your harem pants. Select accessories from your closet – Tshirts, blazers, heels and flats – depending on the look you’re going for. Then follow the 7 tips below to make your harem pants work for you.

harem pants 1 harem pants 2 harem pants 3  harem pants 5 7 TIPS TO WEARING HAREM PANTS

1. Adjust the pants to sit comfortably between waist and hips.

2. They should fit – not too big and baggy, not too small and tight. The key is to feel comfortable without too much excess fabric.

3. Black is a great neutral for every day. Or go with a pattern to pair with solids.

4. Wear with tops that have some shape. Because the pants are loose, you need something more structured on top (tank, T, blouse or sweater).

5. Harem pants come in different lengths. The more casual looks (pair with flats) sits just below the knee and tapers to fitted in the calf.

6. When choosing a jacket, stick to sleeker, more fitted styles to balanced the relaxed fit of the pants.

7. Pretty much any type of shoe works. Go with heels if you find the pants make your legs look shorter.

Want an outfit like mine? Outfit Details: Pants 424 Fifth (sold out) similar here, here & here. Printed Tee, J Crew (old, like this one). White Vest, Smart Set (here, luxe here, black version here). Black Blazer, Smythe (old, love this, this & this).   Cover photo via Pinterest

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Iva is a mother by day to one daughter and three sons. By night, she blogs to inspire other women that understand that fashion doesn’t end after marriage or children. Iva enjoys classic pieces with a strong cut and fit and knows that not every trend is a fit for everyone. Fashion doesn’t end at age 35.

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