Ready to get your shopping on? Always. Meaning it’s time to wrap everything up, which you’re well aware is the bigger job. Huge in fact. And you want the presents to look as good on the outside as they are on the inside. So ya, you can make your life easy and just go to the dollar store and buy a few big rolls of wrapping paper. Easy peasy. Then this happens: You show up to the family gift exchange and every single gift is wrapped in the same pattern. Not so original, after all.

This year, how about making your very own gift wrap? Stop laughing, please. Because Scotch’s line of Expressions Tape actually does make DIY easy enough for the diDon’t in all of us. And their fancy schmancy—but totally accessible—ideas are too good not to share.

Great Gift Wrapping Ideas

Check out their blog for all the how-tos and impressive-with-little effort ideas for snazzing up your prezzies (and the rest of your house, too. You may not even need a tree, as you’ll see). Are you ready to try these cool and unique gift wrapping ideas from Scotch, and get on the road to Best Gift Giver status? Oh, and don’t take it personally when no one wants to tear open your package.

Brain whirring with great ideas? Good! Because you could win the title of Canada’s Ultimate Gift Wrapper.

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