We’re well into Fall now, which means our warmer outwear is out of the closet to stay for the next four or five months! The basics, like jean and leather, will always be “in” but there are some other great trends to enjoy this season too.

Fall and Winter Fashion Trends

Fall/Winter 2013 is all about fabric fusions, so here are 3 great styles that will keep you warm, dignified, and trendy. This month’s inspiration comes from Melissa McCarthy and her gorgeous shoot recently featured on the cover of ELLE Magazine. Whether you’re entirely flabbergasted or appreciative of ELLE and McCarthy’s decision to showcase The Coat (of no name apparently. I’ve yet to find who designed it.), it’s clear that the coat is fabulous all on its own.

Plus Size Coat: Mixed Media GIACCA This Mixed-Media coat by GIACCA is simply stunning, and will do its job by keeping you warm with its wool blend and faux leather sleeves. It will hug your hips beautifully with help of the belt, and the asymmetrical zipper embraces your silhouette.
Plus Size Coat: Double Breasted Peacoat Lauren Ralf Lauren Double Breasted Peacoat by Lauren Ralph Lauren The Peacoat is another timeless classic, and this wool blend with gold-toned buttons is the perfect staple that should be in every closet.
Plus Size Coat: Boucle Fit & Flare by City Chic Bouclé Fit & Flare Jacket by City Chic I’ve never been a true fan of bouclé, but this seasonal-trend flare really makes you appreciate the pattern. City Chic is well known for plus size flare, and they’ve succeeded in chic with the well placed pleats and oversize buttons. Perfect for those weekend outings for the next few months.

Have you come across any gorgeous plus-sized jackets lately? I would love to see your favourite pics in the comments below. PS. It’s no secret that I love fashion! I could talk about it all day, so I would love to hear what you would like to read about most in the plus size fashion world. I wish I could remember where I read this quote a few years ago, but it was certainly a strong sentiment that resonated within me almost daily. I think this quote will follow me forever…

“You no longer have to worry about fashion once you turn 34.”

Did your eyes bug out a bit at that comment? It’s a common belief in the fashion industry that, like My Little Ponies, Justin Bieber and Chucky Cheese, style is a game meant only for younger generations. Once you hit that golden age of 34, you can stop worrying about that price tag on your current fave Vera Wang, ‘cause you’ll be shopping George from here on out. Thankfully, with BrazenWoman’s support, we’re here to disprove. I love to write about plus size, curvy fashion, so look forward to monthly tips on seasonal inspiration and fashion trends! Make every moment fabulous!

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