I have a love-hate relationship with my nails. While my friends walk around with polished claws to die for, I’m sitting on my hands.

It’s some kind of mean Murphy’s Law. As soon as I get a manicure, I start destroying it – subconsciously. I pick or pull or peel or bite and before the day is out, my money is wasted and so are my nails. The weather doesn’t help. Change it and there go my nails – dry, brittle and split.

I’ve tried all sorts of nail solutions (fakies, gel) but so far, I’ve been bad at them. I can’t wait to remove them properly and so I end up damaging my poor nails underneath. Just call me Sensitive. Call me Delicate. OK, fine. Call me Hopeless.

Trind Keratin repair for brittle nailsTrind Keratin Nail Treatment, a chemical-free solution for thin, brittle, chipped nails, to the rescue. This magical potion, which goes on like polish, is my newest nail saviour. I just brush it on and remove it before doing it again the next day. And so on, and so on, until my nails are hard as, well, nails.

Why It Works

We all know how well protein Keratin treatments load hair with strength and moisturizers – but this is the first nail company in the world to introduce Keratin in a nail care solution. And it works. Count on Keratin to treat even the most sensitive nails that have been damaged by all sorts of undue influences – biting, peeling, wearing artificial nails, weather, and the list goes on.

The Trind Keratin treatment is supposed to take 4 weeks to see results, but my nails hardened within days. And if, like me, you’re sure to miss a day or two, it makes no difference. Just keep going when you can and the treatment will do its job just as well.

How It Works 

The Trind Keratin Formula kit consists of two products: Nail Restorer and Nail Protector.

Just follow these 4 steps:

1. Soak your nails in the light semi-transparent Trind Nail Restorer liquid for 2 minutes, then rub in the excess product into your nails and surrounding skin. It will dry quickly.

2. Brush on the Keratin-based Trind Nail Protector as a top coat. It seals in the restorer and protects your nails against damage.

Nail Note: You can also use the Nail Protector on its own or as a base coat under your pretty nail polish. (Yes, Trind has a great polish line. It also carries other nail kits for just about every nail type and problem out there.)

3. Use Trind Acetone Free Nail Polish Remover daily before re-applying.

4. Repeat the process for 4-6 weeks (yes, you can stop and start again) and get ready to show off those nails.

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