Who put peanut butter in my chocolate? Who put chocolate in my peanut butter? Who put chocolate AND peanut butter in my popcorn?!

Popcorn, Indiana, that’s who. And we are pretty darn thankful. Introducing our new favourite addiction and the most recent addition to Popcorn, Indiana’s stellar lineup of all things popped: Chocolate Peanut Butter Drizzlecorn.

Known for creative exploration through artisanal craftsmanship of the perfect snack (sounds fancy but we sure appreciate the effort), Popcorn, Indiana handcrafts kernels in kettles before giving them the VIP treatment. And what a treatment it is. Flavours, like this newest one — which, fyi, is the surest antidote for PMS we’ve ever tried — are the creation of popcorn chefs (umm…dream job…) whose sole mission is to create unique and mouthwatering combos without artificial flavours or colours. Oh and Popcorn, Indiana products are also whole grain, gluten and trans fat-free. In other words, they’ve got a bag for Everyone.

Popcorn, Indiana Peanut Butter Chocolate DrizzlecornIt’s hard to describe just how good this stuff is, but we can promise you this: we’ll really enjoy trying. It’s crunchy, salty, sweet, and savoury—all at once. It’s like a peanut butter and chocolate sandwich smashed into a yummy bowl of popcorn. It’s so decadently addictive that when we left the bag open on the countertop for three minutes, it was empty when we returned. Imagine how devastating that was.

…The sensation of chocolate melting into the peanut butter while I’m crunching a kernel of popcorn still lingers, reminding me of the good, albeit brief, moments we shared… 

Popcorn, Indiana. Winning snack-time everywhere.

P.S. If PBC & P is not your bag (pun intended) then Popcorn, Indiana will still keep your hands full. They’ve got lots of a full menu of delicious flavours, including Kettle Corn, Movie Style, White Cheddar, and our Editor’s Pick, FIT in Sea Salt—all the flavour with none of the guilt at 37 calories per cup.

Wanna pop? C’mon, just do it. This stuff goes way beyond movie-time. 

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