I don’t know about you, but for me, Monday mornings are pretty rough. When that alarm goes off, I grudgingly crack open my eyes, desperate for even a few more minutes of sleep to help me recover from the weekend fun (even if by ‘fun’ I mean watching movies and reading till all hours).

On Mondays, it’s hard to get back into a routine and it shows. My bedhead is at its worst, my skin looks dull, and bad girls like me tend to have mascara decorating their cheeks (hopefully, not left over from Saturday night). When I wake up on Monday mornings, there is just one thing on my mind. Coffee. Lots of it. Good Morning Beautiful Mug

The only thing I need more than coffee on Monday morning is another Sunday (and someone to say something nice to me). But while I can’t change the calendar, what I can do is drink my heaven-sent java out of a mug I love – one that’s full of flattery, like one of these adorable ‘Hello’ mugs from Indigo Books.

From the moment I set eyes on this complimentary cup, I was in love. I just had to own one. Who doesn’t want to be called Beautiful on a Monday morning? I won’t lie to you. I will gladly seek praise wherever I can find it. Show me a woman who doesn’t love a little pick-me-up flattery now and then. Especially when she looks and feels low at the start of the week.

The best part? (Besides the fact that this is most likely best houseware I’ll ever own?)

Since I bought the matching Good Morning Handsome mug for my man, I now get an early leg-up on being nice to him even if I’m grouchy – without saying a word. Which truly is a relationship bonus. This is definitely the start of something wonderful. And it’s the perfect holiday gift too. So cheers. To coffee and to Mondays.

Where to buy:  Good Morning Beautiful Mug – $10 Good Morning Handsome Mug – $10

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