The ‘Secret’ to Perfect Waves & Curls in 15 Minutes Flat

The Secret to Perfect Waves & Curls in Just 15 Minutes

January 24, 2014 • Beauty, WEAR

All my life, I’ve been jealous of my friends with curly hair. I’m not the only one. So few of us are content with the locks bestowed upon us by Mother Nature. It’s a never-ending cycle. While the curly-haired among us flat iron away, we straight-haired gals have it harder. We are constantly on the hunt for the best, easiest way to get the perfect curls.

Perfect curls mean something different to every woman. Personally, I’m a fan of those loose, shiny curls sported by Breck models in the 70s commercials. The kind that twist oh-so-naturally and bounce off your back as you stride toward the sun.

These type of curls aren’t easy to create. I’ve tried everything from hot rollers (Hello, Poodlehead!), velcro rollers (Ouch! It’s stuck!), diffusers (Call me Kinky), and all manner of curling irons (What’s that smell?) and nothing has worked. Until now.

Curl SecretI’m thrilled to report that I have finally found the secret to my perfect curls in Conair Canada’s Curl Secret, the world’s first fully-automatic curl machine designed for at-home use. At $120, it’s worth every cent – mostly because now I’m not rushing to the salon every time I want to be a Breck girl.

No more stress and guesswork either. All you have to do is set the timer – 12, 10 or 8 seconds, depending how tight you want your curl – and the device beeps when the curl is set. You can also control the temperature depending on the texture of your hair. The Curl Secret works on any hair type, even 100 percent human hair extensions.

The mechanics are simple and you can follow along in the step-by-step video below.


Just brush and section your hair, then start with a 3-cm strand. Clamp on the machine (the opening faces your head) and let it draw your hair into the tourmaline ceramic coated barrel, which heats it. Inside is a brushless motor that provides precision for uniform curls. Now gently release.

After this many years of searching, I can’t believe curling my hair can be this easy, and you won’t either. In just 15 minutes, you will have a headful of your own perfect curls – whether that’s the loose, wavy ones I adore or a more defined look for a night on the town.

The Secret’s out, and I don’t know about you, but I say it’s about time.

You can find the Curl Secret (ARV $120 Cdn) at major retailers, including Walmart, Canadian Tire, Target, Shoppers Drug Mart, Bed, Bath & Beyond and Home Outfitters. For more info on Conair products, check out, and follow Conair on Facebook and Twitter.

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Randi Chapnik Myers
Randi Chapnik Myers

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    My hair is butter blonde and it tends to be dry. Also it is curly in the back and straight in the front

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    Gets frizzy and can’t hold curls

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    My greatest hair dilemma is straight thin hair that just looks so flat.

  • sara rai

    the tangles are probably the worst and some parts of hair seem damaged not sure why

  • annet

    frizziness and dryness

    Anne Taylor

  • Jenn erin

    Lack a volume and “umph”!

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    Being flat, thin, and yet slightly wavy — in a frizzy way.

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    What colour pony tail holder to use ๐Ÿ˜› Or — if it is going to freeze when I go outside today.

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    static hair (fly aways) and frizzy ends

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    I have straight, very fine hair and it does nothing but lay straight & lifeless, my biggest dilemma is getting my hair to to anything!

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    My roots get oily very quickly so I have to wash it everyday :(

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    I wash my hair and it is instant frizz.

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    My hair is straight but if it rains or is even just humid outside my hair goes frizzy and slightly wavy in not a nice way.

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    My hair actually has tOo much body some days, which I know a lot of people would love, but I would like it to tone down a bit, and either be curly or straight.

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    lifelessness, limp, frizz! i blame the dry and cold weather here!

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    flat, fine hair that is very hard to curl…gah…But OILY, almost all the shampoos out there are for dry, damaged hair…where have all the oily hair shampoos gone?

    • Shelley

      I’ve been wondering the same thing. After painstakingly searching the shampoo aisle at several stores I did find one shampoo for men, but it smelled awful!

      • Krista Embertson

        yes Axe used to make a green one called Prime, it was a hair scrub…I loved it, well not the smell, lol… but of course they discontinued it. Right now I am using Avalon Organics Lemon shampoo, but it’s like $10.00 which is ridiculous for a family of 4.

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    Honestly, I hate curling my hair. It’s thick and long. It takes FOREVER!!!!! The Curl Secret sounds amazing because it looks easy (in your video) and you said it takes half the time.

  • Susan Jakovina-Liberatore


  • Andrea

    I have straight somewhat limp hair that doesn’t like to hold curl. would love a good curling iron to give it some body :)

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    My biggest hair dilemma is static electricity causing me shocks.

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    The biggest problem I have with my hair is it tangles very easy and does not hold a curl because it is very fine.


    FRIZZ is my biggest hair dilema!

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    WANT!!!! I’ve fought head over feet to have perfect curls!!

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    My hair is dry, flaky and no matter what I do, shave it bald, let it grow it gets dandruff whereas my wife is an Asian, her hair is naturally smooth, soft and silky. I would like to win this for her though.

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    My hair is very fine which makes many styles difficult

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    frizzy hair tends to be my issue when humid whether hits. I have long hair and love straight hair, but when I get all dressed up, I love having big, luscious curls.

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    My hair doesn’t hold curls well (at least when I attempt it on my own)

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    up until a year ago i had natural sprial curls. moved to a property with a well, and curls slowly disappeared:(

    • Sharon Elaine

      Try mixing half a cup of baking soda into your shampoo or google no poo shampoo for instructions on washing your hair with just baking soda. Your curls should come right back. If you’re having problems with your laundry half a cup of baking soda in each load should help.

      • Adriana Meagher

        i will try that, thanks:) i really miss my curls!!

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    My greatest hair dilemma is the frizzies. Also, my hair is very thick and I have trouble getting it to hold a curl without using a ton of product.

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    I have really straight, fine hair so I would absolutely LOVE to win one of these!!

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    Holly R.
    My greatest hair dilemma is that it is very thick and takes forever to style. I would absolutely love something like this because I think that it would stop me from having to spend so much time on my hair

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