Even though Valentine’s Day is all about you, it isn’t very caring to just take, take, take. Your lovah needs some TLC, too, so we are helping you get into the giving spirit. Want to show him how you feel? We looked hard and we looked deep and we found the coolest selection of gifts for him out there (no golf balls included.) Of course, you could always go with cologne, but we think these are so much more intriguing, don’t you? On the Rocks Tumbler and Ice Ball

What: The perfectly designed glass for the whiskey lover

Why He’d Want It: He’ll never drink warm whiskey again. It comes with a silicone mold to make an ice ball that rolls around in the bottom of the glass. Cheers to him.

Where & How Much: Indigo Books, $19.50   Drink More Wiskey by Daniel Yaffe

What: Drink More Whiskey

Why He’d Want It: Whiskey is the hottest drink around, and your guy is probably on (or rather off) that wagon. This smart guide will make sure he never shuts up about his favourite amber liquid. Cheers to him again.

Where & How Much: Indigo Books, $23.95   Express Silk Tie

What: EXPRESS Narrow Silk Tie

Why He’d Want It: Ties are cool again, thanks to Christian Grey. This one goes with anything from denim to a black suit. And there’s nothing sexier than a man in a suit.

Where & How Much: Express Stores across Canada and online, $49.99     Rimowa Ipad Case

What:  Rimowa iPad Case

Why He’d Want It: Now he can protect his iPad and all the treasures on it in a nearly indestructible case. After all, there are pictures of you in there.

Where & How Much: Rimowa authorized dealers across Canada, $350.00     Rimowa Suitcase

What: Rimowa Limbo 29” MultiWheel Case

Why He’d Want It: He’ll feel like James Bond travelling the world. This suitcase, made of an aluminium magnesium alloy and lightweight polycarbonate, is the best choice for the man who has everything and still wants more.

Where & How Much: Rimowa authorized dealers across Canada $995.00   Invincia Carbon Pen

What: Monteverde® Invincia™ Carbon Ballpoint Pen

Why He’d Want It: This is one fancy pen for one fancy guy. He might even be inspired to write you a love note. Or at the very least, volunteer to sign all the cheques.

Where & How Much: Indigo Books, $85.00   Socking Behaviour Sock of the month club

What: Sock of the Month Club

Why He’d Want It: For some reason, men can never seem to have enough socks. This way, they’ll never run out. Also, who doesn’t like getting packages in mail? This gift keeps on giving.

Where & How Much: Sockingbehaviour.com, $12/month   Outdoor Tech Earphones

What: Outdoor Technology Privates Wireless Touch-Control Headphones

Why He’d Want It: These are THE headphones: Touch-control (lets him change tracks and control volume with the touch of a finger), Bluetooth, wireless headphones, built-in call functionality, long battery life and so much more.

Where & How Much: Indigo Books, $99.00   Rebels Refinery Skincare

What: Rebels Refinery all natural skincare for refined gentlemen, beer lovers, and everyone else

Why He’d Want It: He secretly wants to look pretty, but he doesn’t want to say it out loud. These skin care products are made with high quality natural ingredients, and the company donates a portion of their sales to Prostate Cancer.

Where & How Much: These retailers, prices vary Le Creuset French Press in Truffle

What: Le Creuset French Press in Truffle

Why He’d Want It: This is the most manly coffee maker on the market. He can use it every morning – to make you coffee in bed. Because he loves you.

Where & How Much: Indigo Books, $80.00

photo credit: DoodleDeMoon via photopin cc

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