There’s no chance the cold will stop us from getting our sweat on indoors. However you get moving, though – whether you’re going for a spin, tightening up in Pilates or running on the treadmill – the last thing you need are your breasts getting in your way.

First step to female exercise: Go sports bra shopping. The goal there is to choose one that’s supportive enough not to let you down – or not to let the girls down, anyway. What you should never do is wear your worn-out bra for sports, say our fit experts at Melmira Bra & Swimsuits in Toronto. If you’ve retired that old bra from everyday wear because it’s no longer doing the job, why in the world would it support you during a workout? It won’t. Instead, use these sports bra shopping tips to help you keep you snug while you get in shape.

Stop the Bounce Different sports place different demands on your body. If you’re into low impact sports – such as yoga or weights – and/or you’ve got small breasts, look for a sports bra with compression features – one that holds you in flat. For higher impact sports (running, spin) and/or full breasts, you need encapsulation, which gives lift, separation and definition – with no bouncing. Choose a combination of these features for moderate impact activities.

Let Them Breathe There’s nothing worse that boob sweat all over your best workout top. If you know you’ll soon be drenched, get yourself set up in a bra that’s breathable and made in a wickable fabric. Bras with Coolmex technology are especially comfortable because the fabric draws moisture away from your skin while at the same time, preventing it from drying out.

Give Them Support What you want more than anything is to make sure your bustline doesn’t get in the way of your workout. Look for gravity-defying technical features such as a floating underwire for comfort, a higher neckline to hold you in, seams that divide the breast in the cup, and cushioned shoulder straps to distribute weight. Make Them Look Good Heaven forbid you ruin your sportswear look with an ugly bra. Rather than hiding them, show off your straps, and while you’re at it, go for something colourful and patterned. As for how you look from behind, remember that racer back bras, although popular, are not the only game in town. These days, there are many bra back styles offering various levels of support. It may take trying on a few before you find the one that fits your body best.    

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