Champagne, food, fashion, arts, lifestyle. Welcome to all the things we love all in one place – at Yellowweek, a festival-style tribute from none other than luxury champagne house Veuve Cliquot.


In 1805, founder Barbe-Nicole Cliquot Ponsardin became a widow at the age of 27. Facing the prospect of ruin, she took on the challenge of taking charge of her husband’s estate. Overcoming countless obstacles, la veuve (widow) Cliquot became one of the most successful woman entrepreneurs of the 29th century (how brazen!) and went on to build a worldwide luxury brand. To honour artists and artisans – like Mme Cliquot – who push the boundaries of their creative fields every day, the Yellowweek festival was created. Inaugurated in Montreal in 2013, Yelloweek now spans Canada to include Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver. The festival highlights and reflects the legendary qualities and joie de vivre of the Veuve Cliquot brand. Attendees will experience the essence of the Veuve Cliquot world – taste, innovation, glamour, refinement, festivities, celebration, heritage, and zeste de folie.


In Toronto, Yellow RIVIERA will launch Yelloweek. Each event will embody the emotion and feeling of the champagne house with the Yellow experience. Yellow FOOD will feature an exquisite series of champagne pairing dinners at the most iconic and innovative restaurants in each city; Yellow ART will introduce aficionados and the public to the stunning work of Canadian artists; Yellow SPA will pamper through exquisite treatments and services. For full descriptions of all Yellow Events, visit Festival Dates by city: 

Toronto: May 5th – May 11th

Calgary & Edmonton: May 19th– May 21st

Vancouver: May 22nd – May 24th

Toronto Schedule

YellowWeek Toronto Program

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