Think Calvin Klein, think classic. Flip the pages of Vogue, look up to billboards, and there they were: Stunning models in sexy poses selling the classics we want to wear. Still. And maybe for all of eternity. Who among us can forget those dark jeans a la Brooke Shields and her infamous brows? And who didn’t want to be superbeauty Christy Turlington as she lay entwined in the water with sexy Mark Vanderloo (Who? Who cares?), both slickly au natural, their wedding rings on?

Believe it or not, it’s been a quarter of a century since we first started wearing the ETERNITY Calvin Klein fragrance, so aptly represented by Turlington, its poster girl. And now, those hot 90s beach ads are back. Just in time to celebrate the launch of ETERNITY Calvin Klein 25th Anniversary Edition, the brand is reviving its iconic 1995 campaign, which has become a solid part of American pop culture. After the sexual excess that marked the late 70s and early 80s, the ETERNITY vision was born. The famous stripped back beach ad, shot by photographer Peter Lindbergh, symbolized the return to eternal love and commitment, reminding us that both are not only possible but also desirable. Calvin Klein Eternity Anniversary Edition

The new-old Christy-Calvin ads will run this May in the US, Canada and UK, featuring the Silver Anniversary Edition bottles cast in a sleek silver metallic finish and filled with the signature scents for both women and men. Its updated 1995 tagline gets right to the point: Time can’t touch us. Celebrating 25 years.   Time has hardly touched Turlington, either. At 45, she’s as beautiful as ever, and will always be the romantic ETERNITY face we remember.

Just like the rest of Calvin Klein’s designer brand portfolio, the eternal spirit of the ETERNITY fragrance is a testament to the fact that classics are timeless and guess what? So is love. Beginning April 2014, the Eternity’s 25th Anniversary Edition ($94/100 ml; $85/100  ml men) will be available at Hudson’s Bay, Sears, Shoppers Drug Mart, London Drugs, and Rexall Pharmacies across Canada.


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