I’ve got a love-hate relationship with my blow dryer. Meaning, I love my blow dryer. It’s really nice. And fancy. But I hate using it. Why, you might ask? Well, besides making me feel awkward and uncoordinated, it also blows a little too much frizz and poof into my naturally curly hair. Which makes it big. Like 80s big. Not a good look for anyone.

Have I never heard of a round brush, you want to know? Well, if we’re being frank here, while I’m really good at applying eye shadow, I lack talent in the hairstyling department. Never mind I can’t do things backwards in a mirror even when I’m not holding a brush in one hand and a hot tool in another. So, yes. I have heard of a round brush. I just can’t use one.

Getting to the point, what I’m trying to say is that I usually air dry my hair. Which, considering the length and volume of my mane, takes a long, long time. And sometimes lands me with flat or product-produced crunchy locks. I’m not complaining. I’m just explaining the nature of my hair troubles so that I can tell you why I don’t have them anymore. It’s because my air drying problems have been solved by Redken’s new No Blow Dry (#NBD) Air Stylers. My hair is looking real good, no heat required, and so can yours.


An easy-to-use styling cream designed for those of us who like to air dry our hair but still want great style, a no-product feel, and natural movement. The air-tex technology gives you an easy air-dry.


No Blow Dry Air StyleRedken No Blow Dry Air Stylerrs come in three formulations that are designed for specific hair types.

Airy Cream: effortless texture and body for fine hair

Bossy Cream: effortless control and movement for medium hair

Just Right Cream: effortless manageability and frizz control for coarse hair

*Note: don’t you love how we stress effortless? They say it and I repeat it because it’s true.


  • I get a break from heat tools while looking like I used them.
  • I’ve got fine hair, but a lot of it, and the Airy Cream gives me great volume, texture and style, while controlling frizz.
  • The product is stealth. There’s no shine or crunch, just soft, manageable hair.
  • It speeds up dry time, which is great. My hair can take up to 3 hours to dry on its own, and ain’t nobody got time for that. But when I use Air Styler, it’s dry in less than an hour.

#BrazenLoves it. And you will too. Go get some. The No Blow Dry Collection ($23.59 each) is available at Redken salons. Use redken.ca/find-a-salon to find the one nearest you.


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