So here’s a question: Are you still cooking in your oven? We know, we know. It’s fun to fancy yourself Betty Crocker or a killer foodie, but like most of the summer loving world, we’ve all morphed into Barbeque Queens. And for good reason. Who wants to wear an apron if they don’t have to? Who wants to heat up the kitchen to stinky proportions for no reason, especially when there are just one or two of us who want a meal?

Problem is, much as we’d love to, we can’t very well grill our lives away. Even BBQ can get tiresome if that’s all you eat. So yeah, sometimes, we gotta do the cooking the thing, love it or not. Oh, and there’s another snag in the cooking saga of life, too. These days, when there are fewer people eating in the house at the same time, we want to make meals that are no muss, no fuss. You know, quick, easy meals that taste like you’ve slaved over them when you actually haven’t.

Brazen Loves: The Hamilton Beach Easy Reach Digital Convection OvenAll you need is one magical appliance. It’s called the Easy Reach™ Digital Convection Oven by Hamilton Beach and it’s awesome—so awesome, in fact, that we are giving on away to one lucky Brazen Woman reader. Read all about it here and enter to win below!

Why We Love the Easy Reach Digital Convection Oven

There are so many reasons to buy this baby. Here are just a few:

  • It’s neat and tidy and fits in well. In other words, it’s small enough not to bully your other appliances for counter space.
  • It’s nice and deep, so you can actually cook in it. Although you can’t tell from its appearance, it fits a 9″ x 11″ bake pan, 12″ pizza, or 6 slices of toast.
  • It’s got a roll-top door that disappears when you pull it up. That means it’s easy to keep clean even if you’re a messy cook because food can’t spill on a door that’s not there.
  • It’s got an idiot-proof digital control panel that means all you have to do is push whatever button makes the most sense and the oven does the rest.
  • It’s got 5 settings: Convection, Toast, Bake, Broil and Pizza. So when it comes to what to make for any meal or snack, the possibilities are endless.
  • It does the job and it does it right. Convection circulates air around food for faster, even cooking that tastes just like it came fresh out of the big oven.
  • Just in case you’re busy, or you start cooking and leave the house because that’s just something you’d do, there’s a 60-minute timer with ready bell and auto shutoff. So you won’t burn the place down.
  • It’s got everything you need to give up all your I-hate-cooking excuses, including 2 rack positions, a bake pan, oven rack, and removable crumb tray.

Need a new counter-top convection oven that also toasts? This one will get you back in the kitchen—and fast. What are you waiting for?

WHAT YOU’LL PAY: Just $129.99

WHERE TO BUY: London Drugs, Federated Coop, Best Buy, Personal Edge stores and

In the meantime, enter right here to win your own Hamilton Beach Easy Reach Digital Convection Oven (value $129.99).  


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  • Carolyn Wilman

    I love using my toaster oven to heat things odd shaped such as muffins, fat things like bagels or reheat things like pizza, but to have an oven good enough to bake! Maybe since it’s the fall I would make a small apple crisp.

  • Judy Cowan

    If I won the #BrazenLoves convection oven I would make up a batch of English Muffin Mini Pizzas.

  • Treen Goodwin

    I would make grill cheese , yummy thanks for the chance 🙂

  • Christine DaSilva

    Pizzas on pitas! Soo good!

  • L. Bragg

    I don’t have an oven like this but I have wanted one to heat up things like pizza, cinnamon toast, muffins, and pasta dinners etc that are single dinners etc. That way the crusty items wont get mushy and will stay crispy by heating up with this method unlike the microwave.

  • Dorothy Pyefinch

    I certainly could use this. I have never tried one but seeing the other comments, I certainly could use the Digital Convention Oven to the fullest!

  • I would make bagel pizzas for the kids.. I might even try hash browns in it.

  • Amy Heffernan

    I would make some toasted sandwiches!

  • Larker

    Toast for sure, maybe try cooking small chicken pot pie.

  • Darlene Schuller

    I would have to make home made chicken strips! The kids love them

  • Christine Topley

    I used to have a convection oven but not quite like this one. I no longer have it and miss it very much. The first thing I would make is some Bruschetta then some awesome garlic bread.

  • annet

    I’d make tuna melts first thing!

  • Elena S

    I’d love to stop using my oven for things like garlic bread, or mini pizzas.

  • Wendy Hutton

    I would grill some chicken breasts and mushrooms

  • Jeannie

    The first thing I’m going to make will probably be a pizza

  • Jennifer Alger Morse

    I’d definitely use it for sweet potato fries and roasted mini potatoes! Convection makes both crispy!

  • lp

    cookies. thanks

  • Julie

    The first thing I would use it for would be beef pies, I hate having to turn the big oven on for such small things!

  • fossie55

    The first I would have would be a pizza.
    Florence C

  • ivy pluchinsky

    The first thing i would make is a pizza

  • jonnieh

    I’m gonna make pizza!

  • Clare I.

    Homemade sweet potato fries

  • Lynda Cook

    I would make the frozen small lasagna, and garlic toast, and baked cheese dip, this is a lot better then heating up the whole oven, and it would be awesome to heat up leftovers too!!

  • kathy downey

    With my #BrazenLoves convection oven i am going to make pizza

  • Christine Murray

    Great giveaway. Would love to own a #BrazenLoves convection oven.

  • Debbie Bashford

    steak and frites! I really enjoy cooking with my big convection oven would love a small countertop one!

  • Kim

    We love making homemade hand size pizza, so this is the first thing we would make in the Hamilton Beach Convection Oven.

  • Carole Dube

    I would make homade Lasagna in my new #BrazenLoves convection oven.

  • Allie Futterer

    Pita pizzas 🙂 Thank you!

  • Deanan

    I would love to try homemade mini pizzas in it, better then turning on big oven.

  • sibley_h

    I would love to make homemade sweet potato fries in it.

  • Erinn Lishman

    I would definitely have to make my three girls some awesome homemade pizzas!

  • Erinn Lishman

    I shared this on Facebook, Sep 8, FB name Erinn Lishman

  • Amy

    If I get the #BrazenLoves convection oven I will make french toast first.

  • Linda

    #if i won the #BrazenLoves convection oven i would make grill cheese and anything else i could think of .

  • angela mitchell

    I’d make 5 minute mini pizzas. They are perfect for a little convection oven. We make little pizzas on anything — bread, store-made little pizza crusts, etc. and we add whatever pizza topping or veggies we have on hand and top with some cheese and pop them in.

  • Doris

    If I win I want to first make mini pizzas.

  • Irene Eichler

    Definitely pizza for my kids! This would be so great to have !


    If won the #BrazenLoves convection oven I would make stuffed chicken breasts

  • lori b

    I would be doing chicken nuggets

  • 12carebear

    I would make pizza , sandwiches, some panninis , cookies even . Of course grilled cheese for my toddler. chicken nuggets. I guess what would’t I use it for. I would actually unplug my oven , imagine the hydro I would save lol

  • I’d make mini pizzas

  • BaileyDexter

    The first thing I would make in this amazing oven would be our favorite 7 Layer dinner casserole which consists of 6 vegetables and a layer of hamburger. It’s so good. Just throw together and let the oven to the work!

  • June D

    This would be great. I could use it for pizza rolls and mini pizzas. Wow this would be nice.

  • Maritess

    Would love to try to bake mini cinnamon buns in them.

  • Jenn E

    I would make couscous and feta stuffed peppers.

  • ginette4

    I’m going to use it to make bruschetta

  • LisaM

    As bad as it sounds – I’m using that pizza setting first!

  • paula

    I remember decades ago when my grandmother used her toaster oven every night; she would fry pork chops and bake a small potato, or bake a tiny meatloaf. This digital convection oven has brought this to a new level. Unfortunately I am a lousy cook so I would toast English muffins and even do some mini pizzas, or a small lasagna would be wonderful!

  • Diane G

    I would make my go to quick meal, tuna melts.

  • Christine Holliday

    I’m going to try it out on some ‘not so fried’ chicken!

  • Paula (lilpeej)

    I’m gonna make everything in this baby … pizza, fries, baked potatoes, fish … you name it!!!

  • Debbie White-Beattie

    I would love to make a pizza and roasted chicken

  • Juliee Fitze

    I would make chicken breasts and roasted carrots in it.

  • Brenda Lacourciere

    Ill bring it to the trailer and bake muffins.

  • Heidi C.

    I am definitely going to make pizza with it!

  • Janet Meisner

    I would try a pizza with the oven.

  • tanyab79

    First thing made in the oven would be pizza than chicken.

  • I will make toast pizzas, as I am gluten free and can’t each pizza crust.

  • debbie p

    I would make sound garlic cheese bread.

  • Jolie

    I will make pizza 🙂

  • flowerchild23

    I am going to make pizza if I win.

  • Erica

    Toasted western sandwhiches.

  • G.e. Anema

    I think I’ll try making a meatloaf in this awesome sounding appliance.

  • Irene Eichler

    I think I will make pizza first !

  • Krista Miller

    I would make mini tuna melts for the kids! A perfect little lunch!

  • Cheryl

    If I won I would make mini pizzas in it 🙂

  • Sharon Brideau


  • I’ve heard that Convection oven cooking is great for decreasing cooking time and keeping foods moist.
    I would love to try cooking a small roast in this Hamilton Beach toaster/convection oven, or a pan of baked beans, then throw some garlic toast on with cheese as an accompaniment.

  • joanne darrell

    If I win I am going to make roasted vegetables.

  • loriag

    I would make garlic cheese bread first if I won.

  • Rose

    I would make a roasted chicken, potatoes, carrots.

  • Joanne Saunders

    I would make french toast.

  • JustPlainSuzi

    Everything! Seriously….I’d make pizza and cookies for sure!

  • Soozle

    I would love to make a pizza

  • Jan

    I have pined for a convection oven for too long, so this would be baking and cooking up a storm – pizza, apple crisp, meat dishes…..

  • bcgirll

    I’d love to win this so that I’m not always using the big oven for a small meal. The first thing I’d make is roasted root vegetables.

  • Tobias Stevenson

    Oh I’d make cookies – we make a batch of dough and freeze it and bake up a few at a time. This would be the perfect size!

  • kristen visser

    The first thing i would be making is a pizza!!! yummers

  • Lushka Smith

    I would make a pizza

  • Jennifer Alger Morse

    I’d make crispy roasted potatoes!

  • ivy pluchinsky

    i would make pizza

  • L.M.S

    I love to make my own pizzas from scratch and would totally cook them in this oven.

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