Here’s the thing. At Brazen Woman we like to be unique. After all, our tagline is ‘Your Life. Your Way.’ But when we show up to a party, lunch date or Girls Night Out only to realize that we’re wearing the exact same bracelet as our BFF, medium strength friend or even friend-of-a-friend, well, to say we’re bummed out is an understatement. Of course, great minds think alike and all that, but when your significant other is choosing your trinkets because he saw them on your neighbour and thought they look pretty—let’s just say that sometimes it’s not the (poorly conceived) thought that counts and leave it at that.

But as always, we’ve got a solution. We know you—like us—want to wear jewellery that’s pretty, unique, and has meaning too. Combine the 3 and bazinga: we’ve got pieces that really reflect who we are.

Take for example, one of our faves, Citrus Silver, a completely personalized line of jewellery that feature dates, inspirational saying, or names. All pieces are tailor made just for you or someone special.

Who is Citrus Silver?

This Toronto-based company was created by one entreprenurial woman who wanted to create personal and unique mementoes of events or inspirations that you want to keep close. Working in sterling silver means that Karen can create affordable, timeless beautiful pieces. All jewellery is hand-stamped with careful precision once you select the letters and numbers, and since sterling silver loves being stamped, it holds a clear deep impression for a look that never fades.

Brazen Loves: Citrus Silver Long Penny NecklaceWhat We’re Loving Right Now: Penny Jewellery

While we adore all of Karen’s creations and are proud owners of her silk wrap bracelet, amongst other shiny treasures, we’re currently enamoured of her new Penny Necklace. Talk about unique! You can now mark a special year by wearing the now retired iconic Canadian Penny.

Just choose your penny in the year of a special milestone, such as your birth year, the last year the penny was produced (2012) the year you were married (or maybe the year you were divorced!). Karen has Canadian pennies in stock for most years from 1938 to 2012 and if she’s missing your year, she will hunt through dirty penny jars until she finds what you need.

*Never fear, she rigorously cleans the penny before creating your pendant*

The Penny Necklace

  • A penny enclosed in a sterling silver frame that reveals both front and back of the coin
  • Your choice of 30″ or 36″ Curb chain (either length can be slipped over your head)
  • The Penny Necklace is $75-$80
  • To order one for yourself or as a gift, visit

Are you in love? Do you want a Penny Necklace? Well, because we love you, we’re giving one away. Just enter below.

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  • Lushka Smith

    I would choose 2012, the last year of the penny because it would be a conversation piece. I thought about my birth date, but not sure I want to advertise it. LOL

  • Judy Cowan

    I would pick 2000, the year we got married.

  • Elizabeth V

    I would pick 1955…the year I entered the world. Lovely.

  • fossie55

    I think I would pick 2012 for the last year of the penny
    Florence C

  • Athena

    2002 when we married.

  • Janet Meisner

    I think I would choose 1986 as the year my daughter was born.

  • blessedta

    2000 – my favourite year

  • Allie Futterer

    My birthday

  • ToCo

    1968, my b-day!

  • Maritess

    I would choose 2005. The year I migrated to Canada.

  • Francine F.

    I would choose 1959 – the birth year of Barbie, MINI, and me!

  • Brenda Lacourciere

    I would choose 1970 my birth year.

  • SeanM

    1990, Marriage year

  • kathy downey

    I would choose 1963,my birth year!

  • jemrah

    1970 – The year of my birth

  • Erin

    I’d choose 1982, my birthday!

  • Heidi C.

    I would choose 2005, the year my girls were born.

  • caryn s

    I would pick 2003 the year we were married!

  • Jeannie

    I would choose 2007 for the year I was married.

  • LisaM

    I would pick 2011 – one of the last years and when my son was born.

  • lori b

    i would choose 1971 for year i was born

  • Soozle

    I would choose 1979 – my birth year

  • Heather Ritz

    1950 the year I was born

  • Lee-Ann Sleegers

    Hard choice but I’m going with 2007, the year Miss R joined our family!

  • Nicole Jubleew

    I would pick 1982 so that I could gift it to my sister.

  • Terri Baker

    I would choose 1967; the year of my birth and Canada’s 100th birthday

  • Natalie

    I’m kind of torn between being all egocentric and picking 1984 (the year I was born) or picking 2008 (the year two very important people in my life deployed to Afghanistan – it was a hard year for all of us, but we came out of it stronger, closer and more appreciative of every moment).

  • Betty Spry

    I would pick 1953 the year I was born

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