As we near February 14, it’s getting hotter under the sheets – and yet some of us still may need a little help with the directions. Just how do we make our lovemaking feel new and different? If you’re ready for action but need a little how-to when it comes to connecting the dots, then keep reading. In fact, get ready to expand your horizons with some creative reading, the likes of which you’ve never seen. We promise that these books will show you exactly where everything is (and what to do with it when you find it).

Sex Position Coloring Book ($15.95) Sex Position Coloring Book   Who says colouring is for kids? If you’re into keeping the lights on, and looking for something to do together to deepen the mood, clear off that breakfast-in-bed tray and check this out. It’s the silliest, most approachable sex book that couples and a box of crayons have ever shared. Made just for adults, this completely unique activity book presents 101 ready-to-colour outlines of couples in real sex positions you just may want to mimic. Fun!

365 Sex Thrills ($17.95) 365 Sex ThrillsLike to learn with pictures and words? This book’s sensual photography coupled with the sassy descriptions will get you talking about what you like most. With lots to try and options for every sexual taste, this full-colour photo book illustrates positions, tricks and techniques for each and every day of the year. Got a deep, dark fantasy? Get ready to see it played out in a gorgeous, glossy photo. Need examples? Take the naughty out of the bedroom and into the boardroom with Desk Duty, practice some light S&M with The Windsor, or splish-splash under water with Shower Your Senses. How’s that for a start?

The Kama Sutra Bath Book ($14.95) The Kama Sutra Bath Book   Love to suds each other up and down? Forget rub-a-dub-dub. This one-of-a-kind waterproof storybook is a must-have gift for your favourite bath partner. Yes, it’s the first ever take-in-the-tub sex guide for grown-ups, with eight adorably illustrated Kama Sutra sex positions with couplets of cute rhyming text. Don’t forget to hide this plastic cutie from the kids or you may have some explaining to do. It is so not about little duckies. (PS soap not included).

Sex Play ($17.95) Sex Play BookOutgrown your boring old positions? Need a new manual for advanced learners? Well, look no further. This sexy tome is a must for any playful woman’s nightstand. Containing more than 100 full-colour (almost-R-rated) photos and just as many wild and crazy tips and tricks, each page will turn your world upside down – literally! Book a post-play massage now. Trust us. You’ll need it.

Inspired? Well, then lay down a towel and get out the paint brush and a jar of Succulent Chocolate Body Paint ($9.99, available online). Here’s your chance to decorate your lover any way you wish. Made with the highest quality chocolate and deliciously edible, this treat is so much better than a box of chocolates from the corner store. Whipped cream not included. Succulent Chocolates Chocolate Body Paint

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