Have you made your holiday to do list and have you checked it a thousand times? During the busy-ness of this time year, don’t forget to schedule some downtime to escape and enjoy yourself. Time to take a break from your holiday baking, people! Make a detour from those jammed malls and head to the theatre for some well-deserved respite. Need a list of the must-see movies of the holiday season before you go?

We’ve got them right here, to enjoy solo, with your guy or even better, with your own posse of girls. Popcorn counts as a vegetable, right?


WHAT: Jackie

WHEN: Dec 2

There is plenty of Oscar buzz surrounding Natalie Portman’s performance in Jackie O., and we want to see why—right up close. But we can guess. Jackie is our fashion inspiration, for starters. Oh, those pearls. And she’s so much more that we really can’t get enough of knowing her.

The film examines the life of the nearly mythical Jackie Kennedy after the assassination of JFK in 1963 from her point of view. It’s a rare glimpse into the mind of the female head of the American Camelot.

WHAT: La La Land

WHEN: Dec 16

Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone team up for the third film together, this time for a romantic comedy musical drama (is that even a thing?) that brings us back to the good old days of Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire. Ah, the crooning and toe tapping and love. They sure don’t make films like this anymore.

Could this film be the beginning of new, yet old, Hollywood trend? We sure hope so.

WHAT: Office Christmas Party

WHEN: Dec 8

A hard nosed (and zero fun) boss tries to close one of her company’s offices that just happens to be run by her hard partying brother. She’s so nasty, she even wants to put an end to the annual holiday celebrations. Humbug. To her chagrin, if her brother can land an important client by throwing the most epic Christmas office party ever, he will save his job.

The office parties we’ve been to are usually a snoozefest so we are totally RSVPing for this one.

WHAT: Passengers

WHEN: Dec 21

It takes a long time to get anywhere in space and that is why colonizing other planets is so damn hard. Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt are space travellers who waken from what is supposed to be a 120-year hibernation on a spacecraft bound for a new home. Problem is, they are still 90 years from their destination.

Faced with a lifetime of drifting in space, the two make the best of things. You know, with each other.

WHAT: Manchester by Sea

WHEN: Mid-December

A loner, Lee, is forced to take over the parenting duties of his teenage nephew after the young man’s father dies. He returns to his childhood home where is confronted with all the reasons he left in the first place. Plus, he really is not father material, we learn, due to his haunting past.

After having made the film festival circuit, Manchester by Sea has been dubbed one of 2016 best films. We’re in, all the way.

WHAT: Collateral Beauty

WHEN: Dec 16

After a great loss, a successful executive retreats from his life. He tries to make sense of it all by writing letters to Love, Time and Death, and he has no idea how his letters will affect those around him. The outstanding cast of Will Smith, Kate Winslet, Keira Knightley, Helen Mirren and Edward Norton is enough to get us into the theatre seats. But it’s the story that’ll keep you going long after the movie ends.

So. Many. Feelings. Bring lots of tissues, like the whole box.

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