It’s one of our favourite snacks and not only because it screams “Eat me with chips!” Oh how we love guacamole. It stars the amazing avocado so YUM. In fact, we’ve been known to adore all manner of fiesta foods (get our fave Mexican recipes here!).

Did you know that Canadians love avocados so much that we eat nearly 250 million a year? There are just so many ways to eat them. From avocado toast, to guacamole, avocados are the “it” fruit of the moment, with hashtags on Instagram numbering upwards of three million. And to cement its place in pop culture, this year a new avocado emoji will be released. Thumb up.

5 Reasons We Can't Get Enough of AvocadosWe all know how important eating veggies can be to overall health and well-being. With full schedules and busy lives, getting enough vegetables into your diet is a chore. So why not load up on something you love? On top of being tasty, avocados work as nutrient super boosters. The good fats found in them help the body to better absorb fat-soluble nutrients found in fruits and vegetables, like beta-carotene and vitamins A, D, E and K.

Our favourite way to eat avocados is in guacamole, whether that’s a homemade or store bought. Did you know that guac is one of the oldest traditional American foods still made today? Guacamole and avocados may seem like the hip new thing, but its history actually goes back at least 500 years, when the Aztecs made it by smashing avocados in a large basalt mortar and pestle. Its name comes from the Nahuatl words for avocado, ‘ahuactl,’ and sauce, ‘mulli.’ The avocado itself was regarded by the Aztecs as an aphrodisiac. When the Spaniards arrived in the Americas they too fell in love with avocados and dubbed them ‘Alligator Pears’ and enjoyed eating them sprinkled with salt and sugar.

Cinco Avocado Facts We Bet You Don’t Know

UNO: Guacamole is one of the oldest traditional American foods still made today

DOS: The word guacamole comes from the Aztec Nahuatl words for avocado, ‘ahuactl,’ and sauce, ‘mulli’

TRES: The good fats in avocados help your body to absorb nutrients. In other words, they’re nutritious. The good fats found in avocados help the body to better absorb fat-soluble nutrients found in fruits and vegetables, like beta-carotene and vitamins A, D, E and K.

QUATRO: This year, emoji creator Unicode will be releasing an avocado emoji and we’re totally using it to prove to the world that we’re foodies

CINCO: There are more than 3 million #avocado hashtags on Instagram

Our New Fave Avocado Recipe

puff-pancake-with-guacamolePUFF PANCAKE WITH GUACAMOLE 

Serves 6


  • Pancake
  • 3 tablespoons of butter
  • ¾ cup of milk
  • 2/3 cup all-purpose flour
  • 2 eggs
  • ½ teaspoon of salt


  • ¼ to ½ cup of prepared guacamole
  • 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
  • 2 cups of refrigerated hash browns
  • 1/3 cup of chopped onion
  • 1/3 cup chopped red pepper
  • 1 cup shredded Colby Jack Cheese
  • 6 slices of bacon, cooked and crumbled


1. Preheat oven to 400F

2. Melt the butter in a 9-inch pie pan.

3. Meanwhile, in5 Reasons We Can't Get Enough of Avocados a medium bowl combine all the pancake ingredients whisking well with a wire whisk.

4. Pour pancake mixture into the melted butter in the pie pan and place into the oven.

5. Bake for 20-22 minutes or until pancake sides are puffy and light brown. Once done, remove from the oven.

6. Heat olive oil over medium heat in a non-stick skillet. Add the hash browns, onion and red pepper. Cook over medium heat, without stirring, until hash browns are light brown (6-7 minutes).

7. Add the shredded cheese and crumbled bacon; continue to heat until cheese begins to melt.

8. Spoon the hash brown mixture onto the pancake and top with guacamole.




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  • Donna

    I like them on their own or in guacamole best

  • Jennifer Alger Morse

    I LOVE a simple guacamole and whip it up ALL the time! But I do also love ’em straight up!

  • Susan T.

    Cut up in a salad or in guacamole!

  • Joanne Saunders

    In a salad for me. I love them.

  • ivy pluchinsky

    I like it on toast

  • Doris

    I like having it in guacamole.

  • annet

    I love eating avacados right our of their skin!

  • caryn s

    I love Avacados in my salads!

  • fossie55

    I like to spread it on my sandwich.
    Florence C

  • Sharon Brideau

    In quacamole !

  • kathy downey

    My favourite way to eat avocados is mashed with a bit of pepper and garlic

  • Melinda Jana

    I love making it into a guacamole

  • Pam Wood Humphrey

    my fave way is nachos with guacamole.

  • ToCo

    All I need is a knife to open…then just a spoon, salt and lime! 😛

  • Jeannie

    I love making guacamole.

  • Wendy Hutton

    I have only had them in gac

  • Maria Katie

    I love them with spoon and salt

  • Victoria Ess

    I love them in salads!

  • Soozle

    I like to eat avocado in slices on a sandwich! FB name Suzanne K

  • Carolyn Wilman

    cut up in a salad

  • sibley_h

    Guacamole of course!

  • Corkrose

    I love them on a smoothie

  • Searle1966

    Guacamole for sure!!! Could eat it everyday.

  • Clare I.

    Mashed with garlic, lime juice, salt and pepper. Spread over a leafy salad with grilled chicken. Delicious!!

  • favgreen
  • karla

    I love avocados in guacamole,,yumm!

  • favgreen

    I make my own guacamole!

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    I like sliced avocados in my salad.

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    I seriously love guacamole!

  • Julie H

    Guacamole is my favourite but it is good so many ways!

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    I like my avocado in Guacamole

  • I like to made chocolate avocado pudding

  • I like it in Guacamole.

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    I like them cut up in a salad

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    I like them sliced with a little salt on them.

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    I eat avocados plain

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    I love them in a fresh homemade salsa.

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    I like to make guacamole and spread it on toast topped with tomato slices.

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    I love guacamole with nachos.

  • flowerchild23

    shared on facebook

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    I love guacamole especially on tacos and as a dip for taco chips.

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    I like guacamole with nachos.

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    Avocado toast… My new go to breakfast. So yum!!

  • jonnieh

    I love guacamole!

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