What was your first thought when you woke up this morning? Let us guess. It went something like this: Oh crap. It’s #$%^& Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday morning. Please someone shoot me up with coffee before I die. Chances are, it wasn’t this: Oh glory day! I am great! I am a miracle! Hey wait, are these ever your thoughts? Probably not, but according to Ellen Nyland, author of the new book Life is Great, Even When it Sucks, it’s about time we started to enjoy life more and make every day of our life the best one yet.

Now, it sure would be awesome if every day were Saturday. (Groundhog Day. Best movie ever.) Yeah, no luck there. Ellen says the reason Mondays (and some days) are so hard is because you’re trying to gear up for a long week of the unexpected, but it doesn’t have to pan out that way. In fact, the unexpected can be an adventure if you’re prepared for the trip. Practice using some of these tips, but first: take a deep breath and walk out the door. You can do this.


From parking tickets to medical emergencies, situations occur daily that can make anyone pause and say, It’s not my day. In those humbling moments, remember: Life is great, even when it sucks. In dark times, you are worth it. 5 Smart Ways to Make Your Life Not SuckNot a believer? You won’t be the first person—or the last—to struggle with this concept. You have to start with the belief that we all are magnificent. We have this beautiful inner light that shines so brightly it almost blinds us. It’s the “I am” status. Everybody has it, and not only a chosen few. The I Am status is something we can discover, enhance and share. So what can we do to get in touch with the miracle within? How can we start each day, including Monday, with positivity? There are five concrete ways that will help you recognize your own light and that of others around you.

Reclaim the power of being curious.

Be bold and ask questions. What does this new week offer? Don’t think for one moment that something incredible or positive can’t happen. Become a three-year-old again by creating the freedom of curiosity. By doing this, we prevent ourselves from assuming we know all the answers. In the meantime, we create an open space that allows us to explore the world around us with an open mind, just like a child. Kids ask silly questions all the time. Where does rain come from? How is lipstick made? Why can’t I talk to animals? Wouldn’t it be great if we could all start the day with wonder and the adventure of discovery? Embrace the stupid questions and the silly thoughts on your commute. There is plenty to be amazed by.

Get less personal. 

Remember: The world doesn’t revolve around you so don’t take everything that others are saying or doing personally. Think of it this way: Whatever others say about you has nothing to do with you. Instead, it is in fact a reflection on what’s happening in their world and perspective. Chances are when your boss’ tone is bitchy, she missed her morning coffee, the elevator broke down, and she’s in a foul mood for a reason. The question is: How are you going to respond? Pay attention to this phenomenon because you’re probably unaware of the fact that your tone has the potential to affect the people in your life, too.

Shake off the judgment.

It’s hard, but try to loosen up on the many judgments you put on yourself and the people around you. Being judgmental brings you to a place of blame, shame and guilt. These emotions stick to you like Velcro and will limit your freedom through every aspect of life. Are you the youngest person in the office? Don’t limit yourself and feel anxious sharing your ideas. Are male coworkers passing judgment about your constructive criticism? Your opinions and ideas don’t make you a bitch. The way you see yourself is directly linked to how others affect you.

Practice forgiveness.

Forgiveness is not just for others. Be selfish on this one and keep in mind that forgiveness does yourself a favour. When you forgive, you refuse to carry somebody else’s mishaps even when they were directed to you. Forgiveness really can heal everyone. The amount of energy and grief we spend on things that annoy us, like hubby leaving up the toilet seat, the empty milk container in the fridge, the still-full dishwasher after days, can keep us low. Address the issue and let it go.

Be clear about goals. 

Ask yourself: What do I want out of life? If you can’t answer this question (and most people can’t!), here’s a great piece of advice: DO SOMETHING. Don’t wait for anything before you take action. You will be waiting forever. Change is created by action. Are you concerned with your weight or your health? Take advantage of an early Monday morning and kick its ass. Go for a run or a brisk walk. Tell your dog that they are going to embrace the new day with you and know that you are working towards something positive.

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