Let us guess. Getting in shape is your number one New Year’s resolution. Yeah, us too. We’ve shown you how to walk the treadmill and how to crunch your way to solid abs at home. The rest is up to you. Congrats on setting an amazing start-o-the-year goal. Now, how do you plan to make your fitness resolutions happen?

Unfortunately for all of us, losing weight takes planning and a lot of work. It takes what we call ‘grit’. You have to be determined to start, and, more importantly, to stick with it. Sigh. So how do we set achievable (read: You can do it!) fitness goals for 2015? Celeb fitness/pilates trainer Juliet Kaska has the answers. Three of them, to be exact. And they’re not only actionable, they’re straightforward—as long as you’re in it to win it. Promises are meant to be kept, right?



The key to following through on your fitness resolution is to create one that is achievable and to write it down so you can track it. You’ll want to follow through if you know that your goal will have a positive impact on your health and well-being.

Here’s how: I (your name) resolve to live a healthy lifestyle in 2015! My Goal, or measurable result, will be at my yearly doctor’s appointment (Insert actual date: December 2015), my doctor will give me a good bill of health including:

  • Healthy Body Weight is between, ____ and _____
  •  My Cholesterol is: ________
  •  My Blood pressure is: ______
  •  I can walk 2 miles in, _____ Minutes
  •  Ask your doctor for other Healthy goals you can accomplish in 2015


After your resolution and main goal is set, go backwards from your goal date. Now create smaller monthly milestones to reach, working toward each of your primary goals.

Here’s how: If one of your goals is to walk 2 miles in 30 minutes then your goals should look like this:

  •          January 15, 2015: I have walked 2X a week, for 2 weeks, for 10 minutes.
  •          February 15, 2015: I have walked 3X a week, for 2 weeks, for 10 minutes.
  •          March 15, 2015: I have walked 4X a week, for 4 weeks, for 10 minutes.
  •          April 15, 2015: I have walked 4X a week, for 4 weeks, for 12 minutes.
  •          May 15, 2015: I have walked 4X a week, for 4 weeks, for 15 minutes.
  •          June 15, 2015: I have walked 1 mile 3X a week, for 4 weeks.
  •          July 15, 2015: I have walked 1 mile in 15 minutes. I have walked 1 mile 4X a week, for 4 weeks.
  •          August 15, 2015: I have walked a 15 minute mile, 3X a week for 4 weeks.
  •          September 15, 2015: I have walked in an organized 3K fundraiser, with friends, at a leisurely pace. I have walked a 15 minute mile, 4X a week for 4 weeks.
  •          October 15, 2015: I have walked 1.5 miles in 20 minutes, 3X a week for 4 weeks.
  •          November 15, 2015: I have walked 2 miles, 3X a week for 4 weeks.
  •          December 15, 2015: My doctor tells me I am in good health, my body weight is a healthy weight and my blood pressure and cholesterol are all healthy. I feel good and look good! I have walked 2 miles in 30 minutes 4X a week for 4 weeks.


Now that you have your primary and monthly milestone goals set, you need to find your accomplice. This is someone who is priceless in helping you reach your December 2015 goal! Choose the person you are confident won’t let you wiggle out of your resolution. Share your goal and ask your accomplice to hold you accountable in taking the steps to reach it. You may even ask them to go along with you, or better yet, return the favour. Ask to help your accomplice meet a resolution, too. 

Here’s how: Once you have your accomplice’s agreement, create very specific check-ins or guidelines, such as:

  • Will you email me every Monday with a few words of encouragement?
  • Can you be there in May at the finish line of my 3K run?
  • Will you review goals with me at month’s end?

Also, tell your accomplice what you need from them if they see you slipping from your game plan. Last but certainly not least, be sure to celebrate each of your goals along the way—together. 3 Steps to Setting Fitness Resolutions

Juliet Kaska is a fitness expert, master pilates teacher, celebrity trainer, and fitness entrepreneur. She is also a spokesperson for Vionic shoes and the creator of some of Hollywood’s favourite fitness programs including the Bombshell Bride, Picture Perfect, Packin’ Lite, and the Executive’s Workout. Her client list includes celebrities, CEO’s, models, rock stars and entertainment moguls.

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