Why is it that on Mondays (and even sometimes on the dreaded Wednesday Hump Day), we’re itchy with pet peeves. The week is just getting underway, and instead of looking forward to new adventures, all day long, we’re grumbling about stuff under our skin. Sometimes, we’re even swearing like the big-ass truckers we were in a past life.

So we thought hey, let’s crowdsource in our Facebook group The Brazen Insiders (What? You’re not a member? Join right here, right now!) to see if we’re alone in our misery. And just as we thought, we are not. Fist pump, miserable people!

Now that it’s Friday, and we all need a good laugh, here’s how it went down. We started by asking and answering our own question, just like this:

Now here’s a depressing question (that can also boost your ego because it makes you feel superior): What’s your biggest pet peeve?

I’m calling a tie between women who look me up and down and the car in front of me braking for no reason.

Of course, the answers came flooding in, so we chose to highlight a few. Turns out we brazen women have a lot of pet peeves. Feels great to share, doesn’t it?


20 Pet Peeves that Drive Women Crazy

1. People who ask for your opinion but don’t actually want to hear anything other than what they believe.

2. People who don’t say please or thank you. It really gets under my skin. And those who don’t say thank you when20 Pet Peeves that Drive Women Crazy you hold a door open for them. RUDE!

3. Women who pee on the seat and don’t wipe it up. If my 5-year-old son can do it, so can you. I will totally call someone out on that publicly.

4. Women who act like friends who are really backstabbing bitches.

5. Can somebody please tell me when RSVP became a suggestion? IT IS NOT A F*ING OPTION. You can’t make it any easier for people. You put a self-addressed, stamped envelope and a return by date. Why are we chasing after people for a reply?!!!

6. People who are in positions dealing with the public who totally suck.

7. Vandalism -people who ruin things for no good reason.

8. People who go to express lane at grocery store with a full cart. Also: those bastards who block the whole aisle at the grocery store.

9. People talking on their phones in waiting rooms really loud as if the rest of us want to hear their conversation.

10. People in a group walking towards you and taking up the entire sidewalk or aisle. They totally see you but don’t move or make room for you and you end up in the street as you pass them.

11. “Friends” who always talk about themselves and never ask how you are doing.

12. Passive aggressive people. Seriously just say what you mean or shut up.

13. Veins on legs that appear suddenly.

14. Fakeness (in people, not in boobs or inanimate stuff).

15. People talking during movies.

16. REPLY ALL. I’m currently in reply all hell.

17. People who turn their back to you whilst sitting beside you because you are not as important as the person on the other side.

18. People who cough repeatedly in public without covering their mouths.

19. Drivers who speed up once you signal that you’re moving into their lane.

20. People who spit in public. Worst of the worst!

21. The woman who went before you in a public washroom who used all the toilet paper and didn’t bother at least leaving some paper towel there, so you end up having to shout to a stranger peeing next door.

22. When you’re on the phone with someone, and they say to you ‘I’m gonna let you go’, when they’re the ones getting off the phone! Just say ‘I gotta go’, don’t put the blame on the other participant! There. I feel better.

23. People who ask for advice and guidance about what’s wrong in their lives and how to fix it, then get mad at you when you tell it like it is, and refuse to listen or take that advice. (ASKHOLES.)

24. People who don’t let you get a word in edgewise. People who are shitty spellers. People with shitty grammar.

25. Women who take pictures of their asses in their mirror to show us how their “glutes are coming in”. Nobody cares about your bra and thong and cheesy bathroom and butt selfie. It’s annoying and very sad at the same time that people need to do this to feel better. Oh, and selfies with DUCK FACES. Why oh WHY do people do duck faces?! It does NOT make them look better!

26. When you ask someone in a store for help by starting with ‘excuse me’, and they don’t even turn around, or they just stare blankly, and then they point you in the approximate direction.
27. People who linger too far back as the light turns yellow, costing me 3 minutes of my life—even though legally, they are right. It’s urban driving rule. A bare minimum of 2 cars have to go through &/or left on a light at rush hour. Right?

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