Frosty drinks. Patios. Beaches. Frosty drinks. Summer movies. Picnics. Sunshine-filled days. Frosty drinks. Campfires. S’mores. Did we mention frosty drinks? And summer movies?

The best season is far too short. So you can bet we’re taking advantage of every second we have to party with friends, reminisce and reconnect. And we’re doing it with our favourite summer movies on hand, the ones that us back to the hazy, lazy days we love.

So here they are: Our throwback suggestions for movies that make us think about summer fun. Did we miss any?



Is there anything better than summer lovin’? Nope, not when it comes with dancing and smoking and growing up in the 50s. This classic musical about young love, the new girl and the cool kids is still a hit. Oh and the fashion, right?

Confession – we still want to be a part of the Pink Ladies, especially when they’re having a sleepover.

field of dreamsField of Dreams

If he builds it, they will come. What is it? Well, obviously it’s a baseball diamond in the middle of a corn field. Who are they? Why, the hot boys of summer in the form of the 1919 Chicago White Sox.

You don’t have to be a baseball fan to appreciate this Academy Award winning film starring Kevin Costner, Amy Madigan and Ray Liotta.


It’s scared us out of our seats back then, and even now, get ready for chills. It’s the nightmare we’ve all had and still have and will always have. A giant man-eating shark hunts beachgoers in a summer resort town.

Forty (yes, 40!!!) years after its original release, this classic thriller still makes us think it is not safe to go in the water. But it’s worth it.

Dirty dancingDirty Dancing

What does a bored girl from a wealthy do while her family spends their summer vacation at a resort in the Catskill Mountains? She does what any girl coming of age in the 50s would do. She finds the staff after hours party places and bags the hottest, sweetest guy she can find.

Oh, and she spends all her time learning to dirty dance with Patrick Swayze, of course! Nobody puts baby in a corner.

top gunTop Gun

You can’t deny it. There is just something so appealing about hot shot pilots all dolled up in uniform. But it’s when they are stripped down on a beach and playing an intensely competitive game of volleyball that the summer heat really sets in.

The action is non-stop in this romantic drama about the life of a pilot in training, starring a young (wow, this guy can actually act!) Tom Cruise.


This one time…. At summer camp… Who can forget? Not us. The late 70s and early 80s were the golden era of cheesy comedies. And that is why we love laughing our way through the wild hijinks of the camp counsellors at Camp North Star.

Especially since the hilariously loveable Bill Murray stars, and the film is set in, you guessed it, northern Ontario.

indian summerIndian Summer

Since we are talking summer camps, how about a summer camp reunion? When their beloved childhood summer camp is on the verge of closure, a group of former campers, now adults, return for one last week of camp.

What happens? You’ll have to watch to find that one out.

summer loversSummer Lovers

If you love a steamy beach read, then a steamy romance onscreen is the next best thing. A visit to a nude beach on a Greek Island leads a young couple to to shed their inhibitions. Whoa, right?

You may want to crank the AC to the max before you settle yourself down to get into this one.

a walk on the moonA Walk on the Moon

Set during the era of Woodstock and free love, a lonely housewife breaks free of convention when she meets The Balloon Man, a smoking hot traveling salesman.

If more salesmen looked like this guy, wethinks the door-to-door sales business would still be booming.

the big chillThe Big Chill

After an unexpected tragedy, a group of college friends reunite after 15 years of living separate lives. To a 60s soundtrack that can’t be beat, they spend a weekend together at a vacation home and relive their glory days.

Fun fact: Kevin Costner was cast as the deceased friend but shots of his face were cut from the film. How about that?




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